Graduate Destinations

Possible fields of work for alumni of the M.Sc. REAP programme include:

  • national, regional and local governments;
  • national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs);
  • consulting and finance;
  • utilities and technology producers;
  • real estate development and in the housing industry;
  • education and research institutions.

Suitable jobs might be as:

  • specialist consultants in architectural or urban design practices and engineering firms, in local, national and international organisations and the planning departments of city and regional councils;
  • resource managers for larger commercial firms and international aid organisations;
  • specialists for regeneration and conversion projects in urban industrial quarters;
  • managers of energy and environment related infrastructure systems and networks;
  • policy advisers and analysts in the development of sustainable regulations and bylaws for infrastructure, building and urban planning projects;
  • economic advisers for the determination of the financial viability of sustainable design projects; or
  • legal advisers for corporations pursuing sustainable growth and development strategies.

Special Note

Graduates of the REAP program do not automatically qualify for admission to a German chamber of architects. Furthermore, the REAP Program is not generally acknowledged as a program of architecture that leads to admission. Admission, therefore, depends on the individual qualifications of the applicant. Parts of the program, however, may contribute to that. This is subject to an individual assessment during the admission process.