Structure of the REAP Programme

In each semester, students enrol for 30 credit points (CP). In Semester 3, students select two of the 5 CP modules from each of the two blocks (Block 1: Resources, Technologies and Environment; Block 2: Resources, Institutions and Instruments) for a total of 20 CP in addition to the 10 CP from Project 3.

The REAP programme allows a certain amount of freedom to choose between compusory elective courses in the third semester. The programme is not intended to provide a specialisation solely in energy, water or material flows. It´s main intend is to provide an intergrative perspective of all resource flows.

REAP Structure graphic BSPO 2017-19

Please find below the REAP module cards with the official description of the course content as well as teaching and learning methods and the REAP module plan BSPO 2015:

REAP Module plan BSPO 2015
(Stand: January 2017)

REAP Module cards BSPO 2015
(Stand: June 2021)