Master Thesis Project


To start with the thesis project, students must have participated successfully in all modules of the 1. and 2. Semester and in 3 of 4 modules in the 3. Semester, it is the final assessment for the course. With the thesis students have to prove that they are able to work independently on a special topic, using the appropriate technical, scientific and/or artistic methods and demonstrate a thorough knowledge / understanding of the subject in a short, fixed period. Besides this, students have to prove their ability in interdisciplinary work alongside an ability to develop disciplinary
methods / knowledge and apply them in other fields. Core skills like communication, cooperation and a multi- and interdisciplinary approach will be improved. The targets and contents of the thesis will been elaborated each semester by members of the REAP-team, students should make suggestions about the contents of their thesis. The main emphasis of the thesis is the independent work of the students, student are supported by the appropriate REAP-specialist.


The thesis has to be written by single student and must be completed within
5 month. The final assessment of the thesis is an oral exam and a presentation.
For further information and regulations see REAP-BSPO.

Module Card Thesis Project