Partner und Kooperationen

International Partners

Aalto University - Helsinki, Finland (Baltic City Science Network)

An-Najah National University (ANNU) (TOSCA Project)

Atlas Integratie & Inburgering Antwerpen - Belgium (Micado Project)

ASP Città di Bologna - Italy (Micado Project)

Business Region Gothenburg - Sweden (MOVE21 Project)

City of Antwerpen - Belgium (Micado Project)

City of Budapest - Hungary (Cities 4 People Project)

City of Gothenburg - Sweden (MOVE21 Project)

City of Oslo - Norway (MOVE21 Project)

Colegio Profesional de Politólogos y Sociólgos de la Comunidad de Madrid - Spain  (Micado Project)

Copenhagen Business School - Denmark (Cities 4 People Project)

CSI Piemonte - Italy (Micado Project)

Digipolis - Belgium (Micado Project)

Dirección General de Servicios Sociales e Integración Social-Consejería de Política Social y Familia de la Comunidad  de Madrid - Spain (Micado Project)

E-trikala - Greece (Cities 4 People Project)

Eurocities - Belgium (MOVE21 Project)

Hellas Centre for Technology and Research - Greece (MOVE21 Project)

IKT-Norge - Norway (MOVE21 Project)

Institute of Transport Economics - Norway (MOVE21 Project)

Istanbul University - Turkey (Cities 4 People Project)

KTI Institute for Transport Science - Hungary (Cities 4 People Project)

Metropolitan City of Bologna - Italy (MOVE21 Project)

Mixmove - Norway (MOVE21 Project)

MIT Boston, Media Lab, CityScienceGroup - USA (Cooperation Partner)

National Taipei University of Technology - Taiwan

Oxfordshire County Council - UK (Cities 4 People Project)

Q-Plan International - Greece (Cities 4 People Project)

Parkering Göteborg - Sweden (MOVE21 Project)

Renova - Sweden (MOVE21 Project) 

Rise Research Institutes of Sweden  (MOVE21 Project)

Rome Mobility Services - Italy (MOVE21 Project)

Roma Tre University - Italy (MOVE21 Project)

Ruter - Norway (MOVE21 Project)

Stichting Waag Society - Netherlands (Cities 4 People Project)

SYNYO GmbH - Austria (Micado Project)

Tallinn University of Technology - Estonia (Baltic City Science Network)

Technical University of Vienna, SimLab - Austria (Micado Project)

Technion Israel Institute of Technology - Israel

The Palestine’s Ministry of Local Government (MoLG) (TOSCA Project)

The Urban and Regional Planning Unit (URPU) (TOSCA Project)

TNO - The Netherlands (MOVE21 Project)

Universidad Rey Juan Carlos - Spain (Micado Project)

University of Antwerp - Belgium (Micado Project)

University of Bologna - Italy (Micado Project)

University College London Institute of Health Equity - UK (Cities 4 People Project)

Urban Sharing - Norway (MOVE21 Project)

Uskudar Municipality - Turkey (Cities 4 People Project)

Viken County - Norway (MOVE21 Project)

Volvo Technology - Sweden (MOVE21 Project)

White Research - Belgium (Cities 4 People Project)


National Partners

Local Partners

Authority for Urban Development and Housing - Germany (DIPAS Project)

Behörde für Wirtschaft und Innovation Hamburg - Ministry of Economy and Innovation (MEDIFLY Project)

Central Coordination Unit for Refugees - Germany (Finding Places Project)

CSL, HafenCity University - Germany

District Office Altona - Germany (Cities 4 People Project)

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg - Germany (Micado, Cities 4 People, MOVE21 Projects)

HafenCity Hamburg GmbH - Germany (Gracio Project)

HafenCity University Hamburg - Germany (Cooperation Partner)

Hamburg Institute of International Economics - Germany (Micado Project)

Hamburg Archaeological Museum - Germany (Smart Square Project)

Hamburg Authority of Economy and Innovation - Germany (MEDIFLY Project)

Hamburg Aviation (MEDIFLY Project)

Hamburg Port Authority - Germany (Cruise Port Model Project)

Hamburg University - Germany ( Project)

Hamburg University of Applied Sciences - Germany (ILUM, Projects)

Hamburg University Department of Informatics - Germany (Sharing City College Project)

Helmut-Schmidt University - Germany (ILUM Project)

Logistik-Initiative Hamburg (MEDIFLY Project)

Senate Chancellery of the City of Hamburg - Germany (Finding Places, Cities 4 People Projects)

State Office for Geoinformation and Surveying – Germany (DIPAS Project)

State Office for Real Estate Management and Property (LIG Project)

steg Urban Renewal and Urban Development Company Hamburg - Germany (Finding Places Project)

Technical University Hamburg - Germany (ILUM, Projects)