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Tim Fettback, M.Sc.

Fachgebiet Umweltgerechte Stadt– und Infrastrukturplanung

Professional Focus

Faecal Sludge Management
Decentralised Wastewater Management
Citywide Inclusive Sanitation

Professional Background

Since 2020
Research Associate and PhD candidate at the HafenCity University in the Department of “Environmentally Sound Urban and Infrastructure Planning” led by Prof. Dr. –Ing. Wolfgang Dickhaut

Since 2020
Freelance Consultant in urban water management

Technical Advisor at BORDA in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Consultant at BORDA in Bangalore, India

Environmental Engineer at GFM consulting engineers GmbH, Munich Germany

Studies in Environmental Engineering at the Technical University of Munich, Germany

Studies in Environmental Engineering at the RWTH Aachen, Germany



with the working title “Financial and institutional arrangements for sustainably scaling up decentralized faecal sludge management (FSM); improved FSM service provision models for large and fast growing cities in low -income countries; a showcase in Dar es Salaam”

Master Thesis

“Methodology development to assess success and failure of decentralized small-scale sanitation systems in India”, in cooperation with Eawag / Sandec, BORDA e.V. and IIT Madras

Bachelor Thesis

“Elimination of trace elements and microorganisms in the effluent of municipal wastewater treatment plants with the neutral Fenton method”


M.Sc. Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning (in English):
Technologies for Sustainable Water Resource Management (2020/2021)
Project III: Resource Efficient Planning in Niš, Serbia (2020/2021)
Project II: Sustainable Urbanism  (2020)

B.Sc. Civil Engineering (in German):
Urban Waters Management (2020)



Main author:

Fettback T., Mbekenga O., Herrera E., Sanga M., Bright-Davies L. (2020) FSM Guide for Dar es Salaam,


Camargo J., Bright-Davies L., Fettback T., Sanga M., Wolter D. (2018) Guidelines for the Application of Small-Scale, Decentralised Wastewater Treatment Systems


Klinger, M., Ulrich, L., Ramprasad, C., Wolf, A.T., Reynaud, N., Narayan, A.S., Siemsen, P., Lüthi, C. &
Philip, L. (2020). Technology, Implementation and Operation of Small‐Scale Sanitation in India –
Performance Analysis and Policy Recommendations. 4S Project Report Vol. I.

Simwambi A., Roig Senge L., Kapembwa, A. (2020) Three-Cities OSS and FSM Knowledge Exchange, Case Study – Lusaka, Kampala and Dar es Salaam

Tim Fettback, M.Sc.

Raum: 03.02.02 Campus Tower

Tel.: 040 428 27 5320