The SECONS (Socio-Economics of Space) Discussion Forum existed between 2003 and 2011. It was initiated by Gernot Grabher, Oliver Ibert and Robert Hassink during their time at the University of Bonn. It aimed to publish original, theoretically-informed interventions on current issues: the micro scale debate in human geography, the spatial turn in social science as well as Ann Markusen's assessment of critical regional studies. On each of these issues four to six papers had been edited.

In addition to papers from established areas such as social and economic geography, regional economics, economic and urban sociology, SECONS had particularly been interested in cross-disciplinary contributions to reflect the diversity of the research field.

SECONS intended to be something between an online discussion group and an academic journal - quick enough to ensure a lively debate while maintaining sound academic standard. All the same, several contributions found their way into other academic publications and had been withdrawn from the forum.

Track 3 | The scale debate in human geography: What does micro have to offer?

contributions by

Nancy Ettlinger | Keith Woodward, John Paul Jones III and Sallie Marston


Track 2 |  Going places: Towards a spatial turn in the social sciences?

contributions by

Gernot Grabher | Gary Herrigel | Bob Jessop | Michael Jonas | Jamie Peck | Jörg Sydow