HCU card

The HafenCity Universität (HCU) Hamburg offers their students a HCU card which serves as:

  • Personal student ID
  • Library card
  • for printing and copying
  • for cashless payment in the cafeteria and mensa

It is valid for the duration of your degree programme at the HCU.

You only have to update (validate) your HCU card every semester after successful re-register, because the functions of the HCU card are limited to one semester.

You will receive the HCU card at the earliest at the start of your studies. The first issue of the HCU Card is free of charge for you.

You will receive your HCU Card by post. As soon as it has been sent, you will be informed by e-mail.

If you do not yet have a German registration address, you can collect your HCU Card from the Infothek. Please bring valid proof of identity with you to collect your HCU Card.

Accepted proof of identity are the following valid documents:

  • Identity card
  • Passport
  • Residence permit

Validating means updating your HCU card for the new semester. You insert your card in one of the validation stations (in the foyer on the right under the main stairs or oh the 1st floor next to the elevator). After a successful check the card will be printed with the new validity period (end of the semester).

Please check the printed details after validation. If the new details are not correct, please contact the Student Service Center.

The HCU card can only be validated if you have re-registered by paying the semester contribution on time and if there is no other reason that prevents the re-registration. You will be notified by email when you can validate your HCU card. If you do not receive an email, please contact the Student Service Center.

Your chip card is a piece of high technology therefore handle it carefully.

The HCU card cannot withstand high temperatures, misuse and unprotected carrying in the back pocket. In addition, your semester ticket is only valid with a recognizable photo and legible lettering. Use a suitable protective cover for your HCU card.

A replacement HCU card can be issued free of charge in the following cases

  • Change of name
  • Electronic defect with optically undamaged card


A fee of 80€ will be charged for replacement cards in the following cases

  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Mechanical damage, deflection, crack

If you have lost your HCU card or it has been stolen, please report it to the Student Service Center immediately. To prevent misuse of your card, it must be blocked. The Student Service Center will induce it for you.

To apply for a new HCU card, please use the Request for a Replacement HCU card and send the form, printed and signed to the Student Service Center. Please transfer the fee to the HCU bank account for administration fees. Please indicate your student number, surname, first name and the reason "Neuausstellung HCU-Card" in the purpose.

The Semesterticket / Deutschlandticket

As a student at HafenCity University Hamburg, you will receive the Deutschlandticket after paying the semester fee. You will receive the ticket digitally via the QR code shown here. Please refer to the FAQ below if you encounter any problems when registering in the portal or downloading the ticket.

Before downloading the ticket, please note the relevant HCU privacy policy information in connection with the purchase of the Deutschlandticket.

You can obtain the Germany ticket as a download via the QR code provided or directly via the portal. The instructions describe the individual steps for providing the ticket.

If you have any problems downloading the ticket, please contact the hvv: by email to SBHH.Kundensupport(at)deutschebahn.com or by phone on 040 3918 3900

  • The semester ticket will be provided digitally. From the summer semester 2024, there will no longer be an imprint on your HCU Card. This will no longer function as a semester ticket. It will be provided directly by the HVV.
  • The semester ticket will be cheaper. The share of the semester fee for the semester ticket for the summer semester 2024 is €176.40. This reduces the semester fee to €330.00.
  • The semester ticket is valid nationwide for public and regional transport from 1st April 2024. From the summer semester 2024, the semester ticket will be a fully valid Deutschlandticket - please check the validity of the Deutschlandticket directly on the hvv website.
  • If you have used the previously valid offer to upgrade your semester ticket to the Deutschlandticket, you do not need to take any further action - the upgrade function will be automatically terminated from 1st April.
  • Your semester documents will be automatically made available in your ahoi account after successful re-registration as before. You will still need to validate your HCU Card at one of the validation machines to ensure the validity of your student ID card.

If you receive a message that you are not authorised to download the Deutschlandticket, there may be various reasons for this:

  • You have not yet transferred the semester fee (in full). If you have only recently transferred the semester fee, please be patient - it usually takes a few working days for the fee to be posted to your account.
  • Please check the transfer details in your semester fee notice and your transfer details to ensure that you have transferred the correct amount and transfer any missing balances. Please also check whether you have entered your student number and your name correctly.
  • There may be reasons that prevent you from re-registering (e.g. lack of health insurance). We will usually inform you of this via your HCU e-mail address.
  • If you suspect that a technical problem could be the reason, please contact the hvv: SBHH.Kundensupport(at)deutschebahn.com or by telephone: 040 3918 3900.

Please contact the AStA of the HCU for a solution.

The fee for the semester ticket can be refunded in the following cases:

  • for health reasons, for example if you are unable to use public transport
  • if you are not in Hamburg, for example on placement in another town or studying abroad
  • for distance reasons, for example if you live right beside the faculty
  • for social welfare reasons.

The Studierendenwerk Hamburg is responsible for processing the applications. Detailed information on the conditions and deadlines as well as the digital application form can be found on the Studierendenwerk website.