Structure and Organisation of the HCU


The Management of the HCU

The Governing Authority of the HafenCity University manages the university and is responsible for its strategic development. It consists of the President, Chancellor and the two Vice Presidents for Research and Education.


University Council

The University Council is the supervisory committee of the HCU. It advises the Governing Authority on the strategic further development of the university and decides on the structure and development plan. The University Council consists of five external individuals, which represent the HCU profile in a special manner.

University Senate

The University Senate is the parliament of the university. It is under the control of the President and is responsible for the adoptions of all statutes and regulationss of the university. The University Senate meets once a month on the afternoon of the second Wednesday of the month at 15:00. The sessions are open to all university students and employees.

Staff Council

The Staff Council is the employee representation body of the HCU. It has seven members, which represent different university groups.

Students Council

The interests of the students are represented at the HCU on different levels. The students in the degree programmes are organised into student representative bodies. At the highest level of the overall university, there is the Student Parliament (StuPa) and the General Student Council (Asta).