It is possible to study at the HCU as an exchange student even when there is no university cooperation between your university and the HCU. In that case you can apply for an exchange as a freemover.

Application Period

The application as a freemover is possible within the regular application periods. These are from June 1st – July 15th for the winter semester and from December 1st  - January 15th for the summer semester.

First Contact

If you are interested in studying at the HCU as a freemover student please get in contact with the student service center. We will provide you with further information and answer your questions about the necessary documents for the application.

Capacity Form

The capacity form is the confirmation that the HCU can host you as an exchange student. To get the signature on the form please get in contact with the degree program manager in charge of your degree program. The template can be found at the last page of the application form.

The Application (Application Form)

Please send the complete application documents to the Student Service Center at the HCU.

Application form


If you fulfill the admission requirements you will receive an admission letter from the Student Service Center.

Semester Contribution

Freemover need to pay the full semester contribution. The semester contribution is due within 14 days after the admission was confirmed.


Once you are enrolled you will receive the log in information to the ahoi portal and to your HCU email address and your semester documents.

Extension of your stay as a freemover student

For an extension of your stay as a freemover please hand in a new signed capacity form within the application period. The extension can only be confirmed once the capacity form is handed in.

Maximum Duration

The maximum duration of your exchange as a freemover is two semester, in exceptional cases up to four semesters are possible. Please note that previous semesters as an Erasmus student count towards the maximum duration as well.

Examinations and credits

Every freemover can take part in the exams and will receive credits for successfully attended courses. Once your exchange is over a transcript of records can be issued upon request.