Examinations at the HCU in the period from 17.08. to 30.09.2020

Under the changed corona conditions, the examinations take place as presence examinations in the main building (only on the 1st floor) in compliance with a strict hygiene concept. Students can enter the building via the east entrance (metro side). Only registered candidates have access. Masks are compulsory in the building. For further information, please refer to the letter "Information for students: Exams during the Corona Pandemic" as well as the directions for the exams in the main building of the HCU. We wish all students success during the examination phase and thank everyone for careful cooperation.

General access rules (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2)

Parts of the HCU such as the library and the foyer with access to the validation device are still only open to HCU students under certain conditions and strict hygiene requirements. Floors 2 to 5 as well as all rented areas in the Campus Tower are still exclusively accessible to HCU staff. Employees can still only enter the building via the West Entrance. Access to the HCU building for external persons is still not possible. Further information on handling the coronovirus and its effects on the HCU.