Re-registration for the semester

Students who are enrolled at HafenCity Universität Hamburg (HCU) have to re-register every semester. The re-registration involves paying your semester contribution on time.

At the beginning of the re-registration period, you will receive a semester contribution notification for the following semester as a download to your ahoi Account. The re-registration period begins approximately two months before the start of the following semester.

The periods for paying the semester contribution end

  • on 1st October for the winter semester
  • on 1st April for the summer semester

A re-registration for continuing your studies and validating your HCU-Card is only possible if the semester contribution has been paid fully and in due time to the HCU bank account.

Further information about the payment (Processing time at the bank, transfers from foreign bank accounts etc.) can be found on the semester contribution notification.


Late re-registration

Should you intend to continue your studies but you missed the re-registration period, a late re-registration is possible.

The deadlines for outstanding payments within the late re-registration period end

  • on 21st October for the winter semester
  • on 21st April for the summer semester

There has been set a fee of 30,00 EUR for the late re-registration according to the Fee Regulation Scheme for Administration and Utilisation Fees.

After a reissued semester contribution notification and the respective notification of fees is available for download in your ahoi account.

Both the semester contribution and the determined late fee fully have to be paid fully and in due time to the HCU bank accounts. Only then, your re-registration was successful and the HCU-Card can be validated. Should we not receive the mentioned fee within the payment deadline, you will be officially deregistered from HCU University.


Online Semester certifications

As soon as your re-registration has been successfully processed, your online semester certifications will be available in your ahoi account. The validation of your HCU-Card is also possible from this point of time.