The Hafencity Universität (HCU) carries out de-registrations in accordance with the regulations of the Higher Education Act Hamburg (HmbHG) i.V.m. of the enrolment regulations of the HCU. With the de-registration, your membership as a student at the HCU officially ends. You will also lose your authorization to use all HCU facilities and systems, as well as access to your ahoi account and HCU mail.

De-registration on application

According to 42, paragraph 2, clause 1 HmbHG, students can end or interrupt their studies upon request. The application for de-registration is available in your ahoi account.

De-registration by the university of its own motion

According to §42 HmbHG, students can be de-registered by the HCU for the following reasons:

  • successful completion of studies
  • by not fulfilling the conditions of an admission letter (Students in transition from Bachelor`s to Master`s)
  • due to missing health insurance
  • due to nonpayment of the semester contribution
  • because of scientific misconduct / deceit
  • due to non-attendance at the mandatory student counselling after exceeding the usual period of study
  • due to exceeding the double usual period of study plus two semesters.

Raise an objection against the de-registration by the university of its own motion and re-registration

You have the option to appeal the decision of the university to de-register you. Further information can be found in the letter accompanying your de-registration certificate. In order to make a decision it is necessary that the reason that lead to the de-registration does not exist anymore.

The re-registration is only possible if there are no further reasons preventing the re-registration. For the re-registration you will be asked to pay an administrative fee of 100,00 Euro. The notification on the administrative fee will be sent to you. The money needs to be transferred to the HCU bank account for administrative fees.