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Obligation to re-registration

Enrolled students have to re-register within the specified time period in order to continue with their degree course.

You don´t need to re-register, when you have passed all examiniations (including thesis and presentation).

When you have passed all examiniations the re-registration for the next semester is not possible.

When you are not sure, if you have to re-register, please note the information on de-registration ex officio > "erfolgreicher Abschluss des Studiums".

When the re-registration is not any longer possible, it is not possible to apply for a leave of absence.

The deadlines for re-registration are specified in periods.

Re-registration is possible for

a course semester or

a leave of absence.

Students re-register upon payment of the semester contribution.

After the ending of the last belated re-registration period any students who have not re-registered will be deregistrated.



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