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You received an offer of admission and you want to enrol?

You will find here all important information about the erolment procedure.

Documents required for enrolment

If you want to accept the study place you must submit the completed enrolment application together with the necceassary documents to the administration office in due time (receipt stamp!). You will find the deadline to accept the study place on your admission letter.



1. All applicants have to submit a certified copy of the higher education entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur).


  • for master applicants a simple copy is sufficient
  • if you applied via uni-assist, than you don't need to submit your certificates again. We already have the certificates.


2. If you applied for the bachelor degree Architecture or Civil Engineering and you choose in the online application one of the professions, you have to submit a certified copy of your technical or specializied professional education.


3. If you acquired one or more academic degrees (e.g. diploma, bachelor or master) you have to submit a certified copy of your certificates. If you applied for a master degree and you couldn't prove your first academic degree you have to submit a proof of academic achievement in original or in a certified copy.


Do you have questions about the form of a certified copy, you will find more information here.

Proof of German language skills:

Admitted applicants with a Non-German higher education entrance qualification or with a Non-German first academic degree have to submit together with the enrollemnt application a certified copy of your German language certificate.


Proof of Englisch language skills:

If you got an admission for the following degree programmes you must submita certified copy of your English language certificate

  • Master's programme Geodesy and Geoinformatics (specialisation Hydrography)
  • Master's programme REAP (Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning)

A copy of your valid ID card (front and back) must be enclosed with the application for enrolment. The copy of the ID card is required for identification. If there is no current registration address on the ID card, please also submit a current registration certificate (not older than 3 months).

Information for international students:

If you do not yet live in Germany and are registered, you can submit your registration certificate after the semester has started. Everyone who lives in Germany is legally obliged to register at their place of residence.

Students in Germany must have public or private health insurance as well as long-term care insurance (German Social Security Code V, article 5, paragraph 1, clause 9). Without the relevant evidence of insurance coverage, an enrolment at German higher education institutions is not permitted. Please note that a membership confirmation or a copy of the health insurance card does not provide sufficient evidence.

Public health insurance

  • Non-contributory family insurance: Until the age of 25 students can be covered by their parents‘, spouse’s or civil partner’s non-contributory dependant’s insurance.
  • Health insurance for students: Students who have not yet reached the age of 30 can take out their own health insurance by paying contributions determined by nationwide student rates.
  • Students who are aged 30 and above have the opportunity to take out voluntary health insurance by paying higher contributions.

Private health insurance

  • Under certain conditions, students have the option to take out private health insurance. Among other things, the mandatory coverage by a statutory health insurance provider needs to be exempted and certified within three months after the initial enrolment. Every statutory health insurance provider in Germany is authorised to issue such a certification. The exemption will then be valid for the entire duration of studies.
  • From the age of 31 it is possible to join a private insurer.

Long-term care insurance

  • Long-term care insurance is automatically covered by the chosen statutory or private health insurance provider.


2. Health insurance within the EU

Citizens from the European Union/European Economic Area and other European countries that have a social security agreement with Germany can be exempted from the mandatory health insurance in Germany if they provide the evidence of health insurance from their country of origin (e.g. European Health Insurance Card EHIC). This can be certified by every statutory health insurance company in Germany. In case of a private insurer from the country of origin, a confirmation of insurance coverage for Germany needs to be presented.


3. Health insurance outside the EU

Students outside the European Union/European Economic Area have to take out health insurance from a statutory health insurance company or private insurer in Germany. In case of a private insurer from the country of origin, a confirmation of insurance coverage for Germany needs to be provided.


Further information on health insurance in Germany can be found on the following website:



Admitted applicants who were or are enrolled at other universities (Germany or foreign countries) must prove that they have de-enrolled from these institutions. Thus, you must include a simple copy of your de-enrollment certificates. If you don't have a de-enrollment certificate of the university you attended, please submit a certification which indicates the time to degree, the university semester, the target degree and the degree programme.


You must pay the semester contribution within the acceptance periode (see admission letter). Please submit together with the enrollment application your a copy of the bank statement showing that you have already payed the semester contribution. Information about the payment you will find in the notice of the semester contribution. You will find that in your ahoi account.


We need from you a passport photo for the HCU-card. The HCU-card is your semester ticket and serve as a cashless means of payment in the cafeteria and as a copy card.

You must upload the passport photo via your ahoi account. Please login to your ahoi account and follow the following instruction: Please click service / change / picture upload / browse (durchsuchen). Please choose your passport photo file and afterwards click "start upload". If the upload was succesful a confirmation window appears. Now you can close the window. After that please click "save". Your passport photo is only in the system if you click "save".


Requirements of the passport photo:

  • jpg file
  • frontal face picture
  • neutral facial expression (serve as identification)
  • no veil in the face
  • good exposition of the picture without reflections and shadows on the face or backround
  • good sharpness of the Picture

You can use the Online Passport Photo Genearator to meet the requirements for the passport photo upload.



We will enroll you as a student, if your enrolment documents are complete. The login details to your ahoi account as well as for your HCU webmail account will be sent by post after the enrolment has been processed. You can download in your ahoi account the online semester certificate and the § 9 BAföG certifcate. Information about the distribution of the HCU-Card (students identity card and HVV Semester Ticket) you will get by email before the semester starts.

The admission to study will lose its vadility if

  • the deadline was missed,
  • received documents are incomplete,
  • copies of certificates are not official certified,
  • the semester contribution was not paid before the end of the deadline and/or
  • there is other ground for denying approval  according to the law in force.