Higher semester

You may only apply to a higher semester if study places are available in your chosen degree programme for the semester for which you would like to apply. In general, the number of available places can only be determined at the start of the application period.

You may apply to a higher semester if you have already taken courses in the same or a related degree programme.


Change of degree programme

You are changing your degree programme if you are already studying or have studied at the HafenCity Universität (HCU) Hamburg or at another university. Normally, you apply as a first-year student for the new degree programme. You are therefore subject to the same admission requirements and selection criteria as those who have not yet studied. However, if you are changing your degree programme, you must ensure that your study time is not counted as a waiting time. The waiting time collected before the start of the course is retained.
You can only apply for a higher semester, if you can provide evidence of participation in a study counselling and a proof of placement in a higher semester from the study counselling for your desired degree programme.

Change of study location

You are changing the study location if you are already studying or have already studied at another university and want to switch to the HCU within the same degree programme.

Application for a higher semester

If there are study places in a higher semester available for your desired degree programme, you must apply via the HCU's ahoi portal within the application period.

Once you have filled out and electronically submitted your application, you will need to uplaod to the HCU cloud in a pdf file (maximum 70 MB) all required documents together with the printed and signed ahoi online application until the application deadline.

  • evidence of participation in a study counselling together with placement in the higher semester (only when changing degree programme)
  • Proof of academic achievements over 20 CP’s (HCU internal students print the Transcript of Records directly from the ahoi account) 

The PDF file have to be named as follows: surname_first name_ahoi application number.

After submitting the ahoi online application, you will receive the upload link by email.


If you are already enrolled at HCU, you do not have to de-register before you apply to change degree programme. Please stay enroled in your current programme for the time being. If you are admitted to the new programme, your enrolment will be transferred when you are accepted into the new programme. If you are enroled at another university, please do not de-register before you have received the admission letter of the HCU.