Ahoi online application & submitting documents

For a successful application at the HafenCity Universität (HCU) you have to apply via the ahoi application portal of the HCU within the application period.

If you acquired your first academic degree not in Germany, please read the information under the menu item "International prospective students" carefully.

1. Create an ahoi application account

If you want to take part in the selection process at the HCU, you have to create an application account via the ahoi portal within the application period. Under the menu item "Create Account" you can create your application account. This can be done only during the application period. After you have entered your data, please choose "create". Thereafter you will get your access data for the online application by email. If necessary please also check your spam filter settings.


If you are enrolled at HCU, you already have an ahoi account. Please apply via your existing account. For the login in the ahoi portal you will need your HCU user name (for example: htl123) and your password. If you have your HCU user name but not your password, you can reset your password at the Infothek. It is only possible, if you show them your identity card or passport.

2. Enter your data and submit the ahoi online application electronically

After you created an ahoi account please enter your personal data and submit the online application electronically. Please print the online application and sign it. Please fill in your data correct and conscientiously in the application form. Wrong information will result in an exclusion from the selection process for a study place or a revocation of the admission and rejection of the enrolment if false information is discovered at later date.

3. Submitting documents

Once you have filled out and electronically submitted your application, you will need to uplaod to the HCU cloud in a pdf file (maximum 70 MB) all required documents together with the printed and signed ahoi online application until the application deadline.

The PDF file have to be named as follows: surname_first name_ahoi application number

After submitting the ahoi online application, you will receive the upload link by email.

You will find in the Checklist for your desired Master's degree programme, which documents you have to upload to the HCU cloud.


Application documents received late, incomplete and/or by email and/or post cannot be considered. Therefore, before uploading your documents, please check that they are complete.

You can see the receipt of your uploaded application documents in the checkbox in your ahoi application account on the next working day.