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Admission requirements

In compliance with article 10 of the General Admission Regulation (AZO), applicants for Bachelor programmes have to prove their compulsory participation in an online testing procedure provided by HafenCity Universität (HCU) before submitting their application. This self-test is an admission requirement and is supposed to provide guidance in making the right decision for the Bachelor degree programme of interest and shall help prevent a possible withdrawal from the studies. HCU offers this self-test procedure as part of the online study orientation for the available Bachelor degree programmes.

Admission requirement for a Bachelor degree programme is also a higher education entrance qualification. The following certificates will qualify you for a course of study:

  • a higher education entrance qualification (e.g. A-levels),
  • advanced technical college certificate
  • subject-restricted higher education entrance qualification

If you do not have a higher education entrance qualification above-mentioned, a proof of another higher education entrance qualification also entitles you to study. Further information you will find under the menu item "Higher education entrance qualification for working professions".


Higher education entrance qualification obtained not in Germany

If you obtained your higher education entrance qualification not in Germany, please see here for further information.

If you attended a German school abroad, you will normally have obtained a regular German higher education entrance qualification.


Graduates of a German Studienkolleg

If you acquired an assessment test at a German Studienkolleg, please note that we accept only the following courses for the Bachelor degree programmes:

T-course: Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy and Geoinformatics, Urban Planning, Smart Building Engineering

G-course: Digital Urban Cultures

W-course: Urban Planning

According to the KMK-decision "Vereinbarung über die Festsetzung der Gesamtnote bei ausländischen Hochschulzeugnissen"an average grade must be calculated from the grade of the foreign school certificate and the grade of the assessment test of the Studienkolleg. For this reason you must submit the evaluation report of uni-assist (Vorprüfungsdokumentation (VPD)) within the application period. If you do not have a conversion of your foreign school certificate into the German grading system of uni-assist, you have to apply extra via uni-assist.