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Margaret Church

Research Coordinator

Margaret Church is currently a member of  the City Science group. Her primary role is research coordination with PI Kent Larson and his team.  This includes various administrative tasks including proposals, event management, international collaborations, social media and communications.  She works with a diverse team of scientists and research assistants to help coordinate initiatives related to ongoing research efforts.  

Contact: mdchurch(at)mit.edu

Ronan Doorley

Research Associate

Ronan Doorley has a PhD in civil, structural, and environmental engineering, and is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the City Science group at the MIT Media Lab. His previous research focused on modeling transportation networks, and quantifying and optimizing the impacts of sustainable transportation interventions. His current research applies spatial analysis, machine learning, and optimization in order to enable evidence-based urban planning and design of mobility systems.

Arnaud Grignard

Research Associate

Arnaud is working at the MIT Media Lab in the City Science groupon different projects, most of them related to the CityScope project. He develops  a novel methodology of interaction and collaboration called CityScope, a data-driven platform that simulates the impacts of interventions on urban ecosystems prior to detail-design and execution.

Ariel Noyman

Research Associate

Ariel Noyman is a researcher and a project leader at the MIT Media Lab's City Science group. He oversees the integration of the group's diverse research topics (city simulation,  urban mobility,  innovation districts and smart housing) to provide  comprehensive solutions for large scale urban questions.Noyman is an architect and an urban designer with nearly a decade of experience in large-scale urban design, institutional and public projects, urban data visualization and graphic design. He has practiced at leading architectural and design firms in the US, Europe and Israel. His work was featured in Domus, Archdaily, Dezeen and the Guardian to name a few. Noyman has taught  architecture, urbanism and city science  at MIT, Northeastern  University and  Bezalel Academy.  He holds a  Bachelor of Architecture  (Cum Laude, ‘08)  from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem and a Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Contact: noyman(at)mit.edu

Yasushi Sakai

Research Associate

Luis Alberto Alonso Pastor

Research Associate

Luis Alberto Alonso Pastor is a research scientist in the City Science group. He has a PhD in architecture and coordinates the Andorra Living Lab project. He oversees the integration of the group's diverse research topics (energy consumption, city simulation, urban mobility, innovation district, and smart housing) in Andorra's Living Lab project, to provide comprehensive solutions for urban and country challenges, in order to transform Andorra into an "internationally recognized intelligent country."

Yan (Ryan) Zhang

Research Associate

Yan Zhang is currently a graduate student / research assistant in the City Science Group at the MIT Media Lab. His current focus includes developing multi-media interactive city models and interfaces, which enable people to understand and participate in urban design intuitively, and also mobility simulations in complex urban environments. 

Yan has a background for more than 10 years in architectural design with a special emphasis on computational design. He holds a Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University. He has worked as an architect for two world-leading design firms, Skidmore Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) and von Gerkan, Marg und Partner (GMP). His architecture practice includes parametric form-finding and all-phase-architectural design of the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. As an architect, he developed a strong sense of design and skills of concept sketching, 3D modeling, physical model fabrication, performance simulation, construction coordination, etc.