The CityScienceLab is continuously in contact with its partners and stakeholders from academia, business and NGOs. We are striving to expand our network of potential partners by inviting representatives of politics, science and industry from different countries and participating in conferences worldwide. In this way, the dialogue is initiated, which can lead to new cooperations in the long term.

MIT Media Lab City Science group

One of our main cooperation partner is the MIT Media Lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, USA. The cooperation includes joint research projects and a regular scientific exchange. The Media Lab's partner is the City Science group under the leadership of Kent Larson.

"We are developing technology to understand and respond to human activity, environmental conditions, and market dynamics. We are interested in finding optimal combinations of automated systems, just-in-time information for personal control, and interfaces to persuade people to adopt sustainable behaviors.” (MIT CityScience Group)

The CityScopes, interactive, digital city models, are an important tool in the everyday research and practice of the City Science group. Together we are continuously developing the CityScopes and their applied technology for our current projects.

City Science Network

The City Science Network is an international community of institutions and researchers that share the common goal to enable more livable, equitable, and resilient communities. Together we are developing concepts and key technology concepts and key technology that can be extended, deployed, and evaluated by our collaborations in unique contexts around the globe.

We propose that transnational problems are best addressed in cities, one community at a time. In our network we aspire to achieve the following goals for city development: zero commuting, zero energy, maximum creative collisions, maximum equity, and maximum public health combined with a unique combination of density, diversity, access, public amenities, social interaction, equity, and increased creative and entrepreneurial engagement.

Further information on the City Science Network! - The Alliance of Hamburg Universities for Computer Science

The alliance of Hamburg universities for computer science has the objective to expand IT to the highest level and to establish Hamburg as a top IT location. is based on three fields which are Education, Research and Transfer.

In terms of content, the network focuses on four core topics in computer science that are worked on across universities and are intended to form the focal points of the computer science activities of Hamburg’s universities: Cognitive Systems, Smart&Cyber Physical Systems, Information Governance Technology und Data Science.

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