Presentations and Papers


Towards a future agenda
Gernot Grabher, HCU Hamburg (presentation | full text)

SESSION 1, 3.11.11 / 9:30-12:30
Chair: Anne Lorentzen, Aalborg University

Thematic introduction: “Placing the experience economy”
Philip Crang, Royal Holloway, University of London (abstract | <link fileadmin documents professoren_und_mitarbeiter gernot_grabher crang_placing_experience_economy.ppt.pdf download file>presentation)

“Experiential value and territorial staging systems”
Hugues Jeannerat and Olivier Crevoisier, HCU Hamburg / University of Neuchâtel (abstract | presentation)

“Branding through experiences in the international cosmetics industry: Delineating conceptual territory through brands in space”
Bodo Kubartz, Passion and Consulting / University of Oklahoma, prev. (abstract | full paper | presentation)

“German Nachtleben, German approaches to the night-time economy”
Jakob F. Schmid, HCU Hamburg (abstract | presentation)

“The mandatory participation in the planning process as an experience?”
Line Hvingel, Lise Schrøder, Hans Therkildsen, Aalborg Univ. / Kolding Municipality (abstract | presentation)

SESSION 2, 3.11.11 / 14:00-17:30
Chair: Hugues Jeannerat, HCU Hamburg

Thematic introduction: “Whose experience, whose economy?”
Andy Pratt, King’s College London (abstract | presentation | additional paper 1 | additional paper 2)

“Postindustrial growth: Experiences, culture or creative economies?”
Anne Lorentzen, Aalborg University (abstract | presentation)

“The taxonomic problems of the experience economy industries”
Berit Therese Nilsen and Britt Dale, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (abstract | presentation)

“The experience economy as a rural development concept”
Jesper Manniche, Lene Rømer, Tage Petersen and Karin Larsen, Centre for Regional and Tourism Research, Bornholm/Denmark (abstract | presentation)

“The experience economy in an island region: More than just for the tourists”
Sarah Kennedy, Queen’s University Belfast (abstract | presentation)

“Food experiences as a designed concept innovation: New industrial policy challenges”
Jon Sundbo, Roskilde University (abstract | full paper | presentation)

SESSION 3, 4.11.11 / 09:00-12:30
Chair: Olivier Crevoisier, University of Neuchâtel

Thematic introduction: “Experiencing newness in orderly settings: Value making in market places”
Patrik Aspers, Stockholm University (abstract | full paper)

“Experiencing uncertainty in the experience economy: How musical actors perceive their labour market vulnerability and resilience”
Oliver Ibert and Suntje Schmidt, Freie Universität Berlin (abstract | presentation)

“Measuring event experiences and redefining its social nature”
Sjanett de Geus, Tilburg University (abstract | presentation)

“Constituting local creative markets: Field configuring events and professional scene formation in Berlin's design industries”
Elke Schüßler and Bastian Lange, Freie Universität and Humboldt University Berlin (abstract | presentation)

“Going East? The role of wealthy private collectors in the process of making value of contemporary visual art”
Melanie Fasche, HCU Hamburg (abstract)

“Authentic place brands and the value of experience”
Rebecca Richardson, Newcastle University (abstract | presentation)

Additional paper by Michael Hutter, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin (full paper)

CONCLUDING FORUM, 4.11.11 / 14:00-16:30
Chair: Gernot Grabher, HCU Hamburg

Thematic introduction: “Economic valuation and the experience economy”
David Stark, Columbia University (abstractfull paper)

Open discussion