The academic staff of the REAP programme comes from very different disciplinary backgrounds, e.g. architecture, urban planning, landscape planning, civil engineering, physics, law and economics.

The ‘Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning’ (REAP) group aims to advance research and education in resource efficient technology as well as its application and management in the building and urban services sector.

Academic Staff

Prospective applicants:

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Currently, the following Professors are teaching in the REAP programme:

Prof. Wolfgang Dickhaut                      
Environmental Planning, Water Management, River Basin Development
and Technology Evaluation

Versmannstraße 6-10, 20457 Hamburg, Room 4.107 / 4.109

please ring: 03.OG NE 1 und NE 2 / Prof. Dickhaut

Fon: + 49 40 42827 - 5095
email: wolfgang.dickhaut(at)                                               more…

Kontaktdaten Team "Umweltgerechte Stadt- und Infrastrukturplanung"

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gesa Kapteina

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg, Room 2.008

Fon: + 49 40 42827 - 4074
email: gesa.kapteina(at)                                                                       more…


Prof. Irene Peters Ph.D.
Technical Urban Infrastructure Systems, Economics of Urban Services,
Policy Evaluation     

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg, Room 4.005

Fon: + 49 40 42827 - 4571
email: irene.peters(at)                                              more…                                 

Prof. Martin Wickel
Planning and Environmental Law

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg, Room 4.112

Fon: + 49 40 42827 - 4549
email: martin.wickel(at)                                                        more...

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Weidlich
Infrastructural Engineering

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg, Room 5.007

Fon: + 49 40 42827 - 5700
email: ingo.weidlich(at)                                                           more...

Prof. Dr. Henning Wilts
Circular Economy (Vertretungsprofessur)

email: henning.wilts(at)                                               more…

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jakub Galuszka
Sustainable Cities and Climate Change

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg, Room 4.208

email: jakub.galuszka(at)                                                           more...

Additionally, the following Research Associates are teaching in the REAP programme:

Mahmoud Ahmed Moursy Hussein
E-Mail: mahmoud.moursy(at)  

Maria Ioanna Giannousopoulou
E-Mail: maria.giannousopoulou(at)

Maya Jean Donelson
E-Mail: maya.donelson(at)

Tim Fettback
E-Mail: tim.fettback(at)

Violeta Madan
E-Mail: violeta.madan(at)