Junior Professur
Sustainable Cities and Climate Change

Prof. Dr. Jakub Galuszka

The Chair of Sustainable Cities and Climate Change investigates issues of urban sustainability at the interface between urban planning, equitable transformation approaches and socio-economic development.  In particular, it focuses on the topics of the development of human settlements, housing, climate change and urban mobility.

Courses in summer semester 2024

  • Project II (Msc. Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning)


  • since 02/2024:
    Junior Professor - Sustainable Cities and Climate Change at the HafenCity Universität Hamburg
  • 05/2022 - 01/2024:
    Researcher at the Habitat Unit an der Technische Universität Berlin (SESA und SOLUTIONSplus Projects)
  • 04/2021 - 05/2022:
    Post-doc/Walter Benjamin Fellow (DFG) at the School of Geography and the Environment an der University of Oxford and Laboratoire Architecture Ville Urbanisme Environnement – CRNS/Paris.
  • 09/2016 - 03/2021:
    Researcher at the Habitat Unit an der Technische Universität Berlin (Wits-TUB Urban Lab und SOLUTIONSplus Projekt)
  • 12/2013 - 07/2015:
    Monitoring and Evaluation Researcher, Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading NPC, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 12/2008 - 09/2010
    Urban Sociology Specialist/Head Specialist – EC1 Łódź – Miasto Kultury, Łódź, Poland


Gremienarbeit/ Mitgliedschaften

Advisory Board and Committee on Ethics and Gender - FAIRVILLE: Facing Inequalities and democratic challenges through Co-production in Cities (H2020, 2023-2026)

Affiliated Researcher, Planning Hub, UN-Habitat Collaborating Center - Urban Living Lab Center (since 2022)

Steering Commitee member of the N-AERUS: Network Association of European Researchers on Urbanization in the South (2018-2020)



2015-2019 Dr. Phil. Habitat Unit, Institut of Architektur, Technische Universität Berlin 

2010-2012 Msc Mundus Urbano - Erasmus Mundus Double Degree. International Cooperation and Urban Development - Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany/ Urbanism, Habitat and International Cooperation – UGA Grenoble, France

2002-2008 MA Sociologie & MA Ethnology - University of Lodz




Jakub Galuszka (2024). BOATS AS HOUSING IN OXFORD, UK: Trajectories of Informality in a High‐Income Context. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research48(1), 126-144.


Jakub Galuszka, Anna Wilk-Pham (2022) Incremental housing extensions and formal-informal hybridity in London, United Kingdom. Questioning the formal housing imaginaries in the ‘North’. Habitat International. doi.org/10.1016/j.habitatint.2022.102692

Jakub Galuszka (2022) Transcending path dependencies: Why the study of post-socialist cities needs to capitalise on the discussion on urbanisation in the South (and vice versa). Urban Studies, 59(12), 2411-2430


Jakub Galuszka, Martin, E., Nkurunziza, A., Achieng’Oginga, J., Senyagwa, J., Teko, E., & Lah, O. (2021) East Africa’s Policy and Stakeholder Integration of Informal Operators in Electric Mobility Transitions - Kigali, Nairobi, Kisumu and Dar es Salaam. Sustainability, 13(4), 1703.

Jakub Galuszka (2021) Adapting to informality: multistory housing driven by a co-productive process and the People’s Plans in Metro Manila, Philippines. International Development Planning Review, 43(2), 175-204. 10.3828/idpr.2020.8


Jakub Galuszka (2020) Beyond the decay? Positive patterns in the development of a large housing estate: the case of Olechow-Janow district in Łódź Poland. Urban Research & Practice, 1-21 10.1080/17535069.2020.1782459


Jakub Galuszka (2019) Co-Production as a driver of urban governance transformation? The case of the Oplan LIKAS programme in Metro Manila, Philippines. Planning Theory & Practice, 20(3), 395-419

Jakub Galuszka (2019) What makes governance co-productive? Contradictions in the current discussion on co-production. Planning Theor y, 18(1), 143-160.


Jakub Galuszka (2017) Examining patterns of policy change in a post-socialist city: the evolution of inner city regeneration approaches in Łódź, Poland after 1989. Town Planning Review, 88(6), 639-664.


Tali Cassidy, Melikaya Ntshingwa, Jakub Galuszka, Richard Matzopoulos (2015) Evaluation of a Cape Town Safety Intervention as a Model for Good Practice: A Partnership Between Researchers, Community and Implementing Agency. Stability: International Journal of Security & Development, 4(1), 27, 1-12.


Jakub Galuszka (2014) Community-based approaches to settlement upgrading as manifested through the big ACCA projects in Metro Manila, Philippines. Environment and Urbanization, 26(1), 276-296.


Jakub Galuszka (2013) Multicultural past as hope for the future? Spatial representations of the history of Łódź as an attempt to transform the city’s image and identity. Ece-urban - Lviv Centre for Urban History of East Central Europe, no. 11


Jakub Galuszka (2012) Housing provision and improvement programs for low income populations in the developing world. A review of approaches and their significance in the European context. Bulletin of Geography 2(18)/2012, 29-38.


Jakub Gałuszka (2011) Kultura lokalna — kultura globalna. Przeobrażenia twórczości muzycznej w dobie globalizacji kultury. Culture-History-Globalization, 1 (9)/2011, 21-33


Jakub Gałuszka (2010) Lokalna twórczość odzwierciedlona we współczesnej muzyce popularnej. Humanities Review, 1/2010: 105 – 123


Jakub Gałuszka (2009) Space of manifestation: how graffiti transforms urban space. Regional and Local Studies (in Polish) 1(35)/2009, 110-126


Books/Book chapters


Jakub Gałuszka (2023) Łódź’s estates — not just a divergent case study. In: Güntner S., Lehner J., Hauser J. and Reinprecht C. The Social Dimension of Social Housing. Sepector Books.

Jakub Gałuszka (ed.) (2011) Wokol Nowego Centrum Łodzi (The New Centre of Łódź). EC1 Łódź – Miasto Kultury: Łódź.


Policy Notes/Reviews

Galuszka J. (2023) Integrating e-mobility into multimodal transportation systems from a desing and urban planning perspective. Policy Advice Paper. https:// www.solutionsplus.eu/solutionspluspublications

Galuszka J. (2018) Civil society and public sector cooperation: Case of Oplan LIKAS. Policy Note, Philippine Institute for Development Studies, No. 2018-10

Gałuszka J. (2017) Evidence-based planning and housing approaches bias. Methodological alternatives for broadening policy options in mass housing programs. In: Garland A., Reducing Urban Poverty. Wilson Center: Washington DC, 64-85.

Galuszka J. (2013) Community-based approaches towards upgrading of informal settlements: Alternative strategies and recommendations for policymaking. Policy Note, Philippine Institute for Development Studies, 2013-03


Contact & Informations


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jakub Galuszka

Room 4.028
Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1
20457 Hamburg

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Office hours: Thursdays 11:00-12:00 (by appointment).