Urban Material Cycles


The target of this course are the basic understanding of the physics of building construction and
demolition, of industrial and communal waste materials and of regional, urban and building construction planning procedures. The students will learn to survey the basic strategies for sustainable urban
material cycles. They should gain competence of perception, assessment and decision making in the field of selection of material related urban and building planning procedures. The lectures and
tutorials give an introduction into lifecycles, quantities and qualities of urban waste materials. Future development prognosis and scenarios, data of waste material quantities and qualities and the
typology of materials including construction and demolition waste, industrial production waste and communal waste will be discussed in this course. Strategies of prevention, reduction and recycling of waste by means of political decision, planning, organization and technology as well as priority order of product recycling, material recycling with recycling, re-recycling and downcycling,  reciprocal effects of design, construction, material and energy strategical targets for optimized solutions on the national, regional, urban, building and detailed scale are other subjects of this module.  
Students can invent individual inputs for specific subjects, field studies and project visits.


The students have to deliver a semester work with a successful completion of a student report and oral presentation. Regular participation and individual oral input are expected.