Project 2


In Project 2 students currently participating in modules of the second semester and who have successfully completed 3 modules of the first semester.
The students have to prove that they are able to work on bigger and interdisciplinary exercises in a short, fixed period. Working on the project prepares the students for more independent, integrated work-related exercises. The course will develop and improve the core skills: communication, cooperation and an approach to the issue in a multi- and interdisciplinary way. The project is accompanied by seminars and supported by the content of the modules of the current semester. The targets and contents of the project are based on these modules. They will been elaborated each semester by the REAP-team.
Students can make suggestions about the contents of the project. The main emphasis of the projects is the independent work of the students and are carried out as a group work.


Regular participation in the seminar is expected. A successful completion of documentation and presentation of the project has to be delivered. Project deadlines must be met, maximum one semester.