Information Security at HafenCity University

Information security is the protection of information against unauthorized access, manipulation or loss. University everyday life is characterized by digitalized processes. In order to keep the risks as low as possible for everyone, technical and organizational precautions for HCU are being by the information security office.
Whether it's cybersecurity training, phishing emails, your virus scanner or working more securely from home - HCU Information Security will be happy to provide you with advice and offers. 

The HCU SoSafe cyber security awareness campaign 24/25 starts on May 6, 2024

You, the HCU students and staff, are the most important part of HCU cyber defence, because you discover and report security problems.

HCU Information Security provides you with the e-learning tool SoSafe for refreshing and training of cybersecurity awareness. Here you can find out about various aspects of cyber security by short videos and interactive sessions. At the end of each training unit you are given a short quiz. The learning units are available in German and English.

Within a campaign, you can organize your SoSafe learning units flexibly and dependent on you available time. In total, you will need about 60 minutes (student edition) or 120 minutes (staff edition) to complete the course. Once you have passed all modules, you will receive a certificate. The current campaign runs until March 2025. 

To participate in the SoSafe program, please register at [external].