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Equal Opportunity at the HCU

The HCU encourages gender balance in the university, equal opportunities for women and men and protection against discrimination. Structural and personnel equality of opportunity for women and men are guiding principles for all HCU activity. The consistent implementation of gender mainstreaming and managing diversity as a cross-section task is sustainably anchored and lived in all areas of the university. 

The Equal Opportunity Officers support the university in implementing the statutory equality regulations and in integrating equality and diversity into the field of university development. To the Equal Opportunity Officers you can turn, in issues such as equality between women and men, equality of opportunity in the sense of diversity and the compatibility of studies or professional duties and family life.

The HCU is committed to equal opportunities and an appreciative approach to diversity in teaching, science and administration. Important goals are the recognition and appreciation of diversity as a resource and the creation of a non-discriminatory learning and working environment.

You can still contact us for consulting via email or phone.

Anja Dankworth 

Sachbearbeitung und Assistenz für Gleichstellung
Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 42827-4557
E-Mail: anja.dankworth(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Offers at the HCU

The HCU focuses on the visibility of children at the university. In addition to a baby-changing room and a relaxation room for parents and children, there is a parent-child area in the cafeteria of the HCU. Here you will find games and work opportunities as well as comfortable seating and on an information board parents can organize exchanges and joint meetings.

Parent-child room
Relaxation room with a bed for pregnant women, still chairs, changing table, cot and games. Room 4004 on the 4th floor (key at the caretaker room E 011 or room E 013 or in the front office room 4.007 to 4.009).

Parent-child area cafeteria
Games and work opportunities as well as comfortable seating and exchange platform for parents on the ground floor behind the cafeteria.

Changing tables
Changing tables are located in the parent-child room on the 4th floor, room 4.004, and on the ground floor next to the staircase in room E 0.17.

Free kids meal
Children of students receive a free meal in all canteens of the Studierendenwerk until the age of 12. Prediction is a YoungsterCard and a valid student card. You can order the YounsterCard for your children directly from the canteen management or by post using the following form: Application for a YoungsterCard for students with children.

If you have any questions about the offers or the general compatibility of studies or work and family, please contact the equal opportunity officers mentioned above.

External offers

Information portal on family benefits in Germany
From the desire to have a baby through pregnancy and childbirth to the care of relatives the family portal of the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs offers useful tips and an overview of what services families can get in their life situation.

For a regular child care in the late afternoon and in the evening hours the Studierendenwerk Hamburg has founded the play group project Casper . Casper can be used by both students and employees. For the use of Casper no daycare voucher is necessary. The care takes place at the KinderCampus, Schlüterstraße 7.

 Mobilé is a flexible child care service for students of the Hamburg universities and employees of the UKE. Here, care outside the regular child care hours (kindergarten opening hours) is offered for children from eight weeks to six years and for care times of 2 to 6 hours per week and one night per week. The care takes place at your home, or in the day care center of the UKE.

Care of relatives
The Federal Ministry for Family Affairs and the Hamburg counseling center „Angehörigenschule" provide free advice on care and compatibility.

For employees there are three ways to use flexible care leave according to the law for better compatibility of family, care and work. An overview of the possibilities and further information can be found on the website "Wege zur Pflege".

Advice for studying parents
The family service of the Hamburger Studierendenwerk advises and supports pregnant women and parents interested in financing, social benefits, child care, changes in the study mode (part-time, leave of absence), etc.

In addition, at the Studierendenwerk Frau Christensen, a systemic family counselor with many years of experience as a daycare assistant and freelance consultant, offers support in child-rearing and everyday affairs (contact: Tel. 0176 - 62644472, e-mail: elternberatung(at)studierendenwerk-hamburg.de).

Gender equality at universities also means integrating gender and diversity aspects in teaching and research. The HCU promotes scientific exchange on the results of gender and diversity research, also in cooperation with other universities, i.a. by networking with the Joint Commission for Women's Studies, Women's and Gender Studies, Gender and Queer Studies (GK) of the Centre Gender & Diversity.

Gender-specific courses offered by the HCU can be found in the curriculum of the Centre Gender & Diversity. At the same time, students of the HCU each semester have the opportunity to use the cross-disciplinary "Gender & Queer Studies" area of the Centre Gender & Diversity. It is possible to obtain the certificate "Gender Competence" or "Intersectionality & Diversity" and the courses of other universities, by prior arrangement with the program manager FaSt (pgf-fast(at)hcu-hamburg.de), can be counted in the FaSt program at the HCU. The current curriculum can be found here: Centre Gender & Diversity.

Gender equality is required by law and must also be applied in the language. If gender is neglected in the language, it influences our thinking and, ultimately, our actions. The use of the male form in the german language, the generic masculine, leads as symbolically as in fact to the discrimination of women. In order to express gender equality appropriately, one must be willing to say goodbye to some old ways of speaking and thinking.

Since August 1995 there is the Hamburg Senate resolution on "equal treatment of women and men in the legal and administrative language of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg", which ensures a gender-neutral official language. If regulations are equally applicable to women and men and a gender-neutral formulation is not appropriate, female and male names must be used.

Based on the decision of the Hamburg Senate, the communication department in cooperation with the equal opportunity commissioner have developed a guiedeline on the application of the gender-inclusive language for your work at the HCU.

HafenCity University promotes gender balance at the university, equal opportunities for all genders and protection against discrimination. The consistent implementation of gender mainstreaming and managing diversity as a cross-sectional task is lived and anchored sustainably in all areas of the university. Another important goal of HCU is the promotion of a family-friendly university for students and employees.

Download: Equality plan 2018 - 2023 (document in German)


Dr.-Ing. Annette Scheider (Gleichstellungsbeauftragte)
Leitung Geolabor
Versmannstr. 2, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 42827-4546
E-Mail: gleichstellung(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Christian Steuck (Stellvertretung)
Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter
Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 42827-5515
E-Mail: christian.steuck(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Anja Dankworth Sachbearbeitung und Assistenz für Gleichstellung
Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg
Tel. +49 40 42827-4557
E-Mail: anja.dankworth(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Gleichstellungsbeauftragte für das Technische und Verwaltungspersonal

Referat Personal

E-Mail: hcu-gleichstellung-tvp(at)vw.hcu-hamburg.de