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Study counselling

Study counselling can be helpful and necessary for various reasons. You will be asked to participate in a study counselling, if you

  • have exceeded the usual period of study,
  • want to apply for part-time study,
  • want to apply for a leave of abscence or
  • have failed for the last time a mandatory exam in your previous studies and you want to know if the failed exam is part of the Examination Regulation of your choosen degree programme.

Please submit the signed certificate of attendance at the Student Service Center or Infothek after the appointment with the student counsellor. If necessary, please make a copy of the doucment for your own records.

Please contact the responsible person in your degree programme to make an appointment for the study counselling.

Prof. Dr. Jörn Düwel

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1 - 20457 Hamburg

Room 4.138


Because of the pandemic restrictions the study counselling takes place by arrangment during the lecture period and free period. Please address your request first by email.

"Is architectur the right course for me?"

The study orientation that will help you to make the right study decision can be found here.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. - Ing. Martin Jäschke

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1 - 20457 Hamburg
Room 4.130

Phone +49 (0)40 42827-5161


Prof. Dr. Thomas Schramm

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1 - 20457 Hamburg
Room 4.026

Tel:  +49 (0)40 42827--5383



Prof. Dr. Dr. Raphael Schwegmann

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1
Raum 2110.2
Tel: (040) 42827-5213
Mail: raphael.schwegmann(at)hcu-hamburg.de 

Office hours: Please email Inga Reimers in advance with your request: inga.reimers(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Prof. Martin Wickel

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1 - 20457 Hamburg
Room 4.112

Phone +49 (0)40 42827 – 4549




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Krüger

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg
room 4.178

email: thomas.krueger(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Please contact by email.


Prof. Bernd Kniess

Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1 - 20457 Hamburg
room: 3.111.1
phone: +49 (0)4042827 - 4321