CityScopes are interactive, digital city models that analyze urban relationships and simulate development scenarios.

They typically consist of model tables and "data blocks" on which information is projected. In this way, complex city data can be illustrated simply and transparently for concrete tasks and experimentally carried out as "what if" scenarios. CityScopes are particularly suitable for group discussions and participation workshops in which both professionals as well as laymen can participate. Multifunctional relationships can be displayed and changed quickly, with CityScopes providing fast visual feedback on potential impacts.



Location Finder

The LocationFinder is an interactive, digital tool for making decisions, which supports creating participative Stakeholder processes. 

The LocationFinder uses advanced data and visualization technology to support both public and private developers in finding and evaluating locations. The core of LocationFinder is an interactive touchtable on which city and real estate data can be comprehensively displayed and analyzed. 

A functional prototype of the LocationFinder, its functions and applications are currently being tested and presented at various events. As the first concrete application case, the location search and evaluation for hotel development projects in Hamburg was demonstrated.