Students Council

The committees of the Student Union and the representative participation at the HafenCity University Hamburg are the Student Parliament (StuPa), the General Student Council (AStA) and the Student Representative Councils. The addresses of the student committees can be found on these pages.

The Student Parliament (StuPa) of the HafenCity University Hamburg (HCU) consists of 19 members with voting power, who are voted in via a general, direct, free, equal and secret election by the entire student body. The election period is one year.
The Student Parliament (StuP) sessions, which are open to all university students and employees, usually take place on the first Wednesday of the month at 19:00. A special session can also take place in the case of urgent situations.

The most important tasks of the Student Parliament (StuPa) involve, in addition to deciding on the budget, controlling the execution of the budget and electing the members of the Student General Council (AStA). We are currently lobbying for the meaningful use of tuition fees and are, in this connection, in contact with the HCU Governing Authority.
The Student Parliament (StuPa) is of course not the only instrument of the student body. The Student Representative Councils and the General Student Council (AStA) also represent the interests of the students. The Student Parliament is, however, the only body, which is elected by all students.

In you wish to make contact with a member of the Student Parliament (StuPa), please use the mailing list, which is, in turn, sent to all Student Parliament (StuP) members. Simply send us an e-mail: stupa(at)

The Executive Board of the Student Parliament

Charlotte Holst

Vice President
Joana Hartmann

Konstantin Knospe


Address & Contact

Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss (AStA) HCU Hamburg
Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 20457 Hamburg
Room 1.117
Tel. +49 (0)40 42827 - 5665

for more information please check

Chair of the General Student Council (AStA):

1st Chairman

Ali Al-Saadi

2nd Chairwoman

Romina Badafras


Anika Wallbrecher

Committee Assistance

Riekje Zahn

Departments of the General Student Council (AStA)

University Politics, Networking and International Affairs
Noa-Kristin Fischer, Odilo Roloff, Gavin D’Mello, Simon Katzmair and Mohanjot Kaur

Diversity, Social Affairs & Equality
Kadijeh Zabihi and Lyudmila Degtyarova

CampusCulture & Events
Antonia Buthke, Nora Schulz, Svenja Alsleben and Jonathan Quast

Alexandra Peters, Sarah Fischer, Anna-Lena Eichhorn and Lukas Gerlinger

In case of general questions, please contact the following e-mail address: asta(at)

Student Representative Council - Office

HafenCity Universität Hamburg
Überseeallee 16, 20457 Hamburg
Room: 1 116

Phone: +49 (0)40 42827 - 4387

All student councils
Contact e-mail adress:

Student Representative Council for Architecture
Contact e-mail address:


Student Representative Council for REAP
Contact e-mail address:


Student Representative Council for Civil Engineering
Contact e-mail address:


Student Representative Council for Geomatics
Contact e-mail address:

Student Representative Council for Urban Planning
Contact e-mail address:


Student Representative Council for Urban Design
Contact e-mail address:


Student Representative Council for Metropolitan Culture
Contact e-mail address:



You can find additional informations from and about the student bodies and representatives and about studying at the HCU on their homepage: