The HafenCity University Hamburg

The HafenCity University Hamburg is the University Of The Built Environment And Metropolitan Development (HCU). The education and research at the HCU Hamburg are aimed at contemplating and concretising what the future of metropolitan areas could and should look like. Coping with this future will, however, require a systematic interdisciplinary as well as a transdisciplinary approach. For this reason, the HCU offers the entire range of disciplines required for understanding and designing the urban environment:

  • Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geomatics, Urban Planning – in each case as a Bachelor’s degree with the option to continue studying to obtain a Master’s degree
  • Metropolitan Culture and Technical Building Services with Digital Infrastructure – as a Bachelor programmes
  • Urban Design and Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning (REAP) – as interdisciplinary Master’s degrees
  • Fachübergreifende Studienangebote, cross-curricular Programme, an inter- and transdisciplinary programme, complements the curriculum of the individual study programms at the HCU.