Assessment and evaluation tool for water and material flows in the street

Aims & Activities: 

Development of an assessment and evaluation tool for the effects of water and substance flows, and especially on the effects of water management, substance balance, human health, socioeconomics, biodiversity and the quality of life in the street.


Ingenieurgesellschaft Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sieker mbH

Heiko Sieker h.sieker(at)

Harald Sommer h.sommer(at)

Matthias Pallasch m.pallasch(at)


Cooperation partners BGS:

Technische Universität Berlin Fachgebiet Ökohydrologie

Technische Universität Berlin Fachgebiet Siedlungswasserwirtschaft

Universität Hamburg


Cooperation partner municipality:

Berlin, Neuenhagen bei Berlin, Solingen, Hamburg