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Structure & Contents of the Programme

Please note: In winter term 2017/2018 the new regulations for the Bachelor and Master programs "Geodesy and Geoinformatics" will become effective. In the winter semester 2017/2018, students interested in the study programs "Geomatics" can apply for these modernized study programs. In the Master's degree program "Geodesy and Geoinformatics", there are still the three areas of specialization in geo-information technology, geodetic measurement technology and hydrography.

The master's course in Geodesy and Geoinformatics follows on from the bachelor's course of the same name and provides an in-depth study of the scientific aspects of Geodesy and Geoinformatics. This can include a concentration in the areas of geodetic measurement technology, geoinformation technology or hydrography. The teaching language depends on concentration - predominantly German (in the first two concentrations) or exclusively English (hydrography).

In the second and third semerster, all concentrations include activities of the Q-Studies or Studium Fundamentale, in which educational knowledge from art and social and natural sciences is taught in a transdisciplinary way.

The course is scheduled to last two years - four semesters - and results in a Master of Science (MSc) degree.