Information about using e-media

E-books, e-journals and databases licenced by our library are freely usable only for members of the HafenCity University Hamburg or in the HCU network and the HCU-WiFi due to licencing restrictions. The IP address area of the HCU is unlocked for this purpose. If you are seated at a desktop computer on HCU premises or with your own computer or mobile device in the network of HCU-WiFi, you have access to all offers.

How can I access e-books, e-journals or databases from home?

VPN client

Students and employees of the HCU may also use the VPN client to access the licensed e-books, e-journals and databases of HCU worldwide from any other location (e.g. from home), as far as the license permits. For this purpose only an Internet connection is required.

To be able to access our licensed content via VPN, please only use the HCU-SSLVPN.

IT Helpdesk (login with HCU ID like this: hcuhh\hxy123), here Knowledge Base > Anleitungen > WLAN


Shibboleth is a procedure that can be used for different web services and web applications for the purpose of authentication and authorization.

Shibboleth enables access to the licensed electronic offerings of the HCU library (databases, e-journals, e-books) from outside without having to install the VPN client Cisco first.

> Using and functions of Shibboleth

> Exampels of Shibboleth login screenshots

I am a guest or a member at anoter university - can I use the HCU`s e-media?

Visitors of the library and members of other universities may use the e-books, e-journals and databases licensed by the HCU on the workstations of the library, provided the license conditions allow this. To use the workstations, a registration in the library is required. An Internet guest access for workstations of the library is available at the service desk on the ground floor.

Members from other universities can connect under certain conditions with their own laptop with the HCU-WiFi-network: Futher information

How can I read, download or print e-books?

According to the provider and his terms and conditions of use you may read, download or print either singular pages, chapters or the entire book. You do not need an ebook reader to use our ebooks. Simply use your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

In order to read any ebooks an internet connection and a browser is needed. For reading an ebook presented in PDF format a PDF viewer (Adobe Reader e.g.) is required.

According to the licensing conditions of the provider and the terms and conditions of use you may either download or print the ebook in its entirety or in parts.
Terms and conditions vary by provider. They may be viewed on the according provider’s web pages.

Terms of use for e-media

Please note the terms of use of the individual publishers and providers.

Generally applies:

- Full texts may only be printed or saved for your own scientific use.
- It is not permitted to pass them on to third parties, neither in electronic nor in printed form.
- Any systematic download, especially by robots, is prohibited.

Contact persons

If you have any questions, please contact the library team at the service desk:

Tel: +49 (0) 40 42827-5675
E-mail: recherche(at)


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