Object recording/Scanning

Object: three-aisled cross-shaped column basilica in Romanesque architecture, built as a sepulchral church for the emporar Lothar III. and his family from 1135 until 1170

Construction of a 3D model of the imperial cathedral (Kaiserdom) in Königslutter (interior and exterior) using terrestrial laser scanning data for the documentation and presentation of the imperial cathedral as a virtual 3D model

Use of three scanning systems: 2x Zoller+Fröhlich IMAGER 5006i and 1x Riegl VZ-400, aditionally 1x total station Leica TCRP 1201

Object recording at January, 5th and June, 24th 2010

More than 90 scanner stations in the interior & 8 stations in the exterior

Acquisition of digital images using Nikon D40 and Nikon D700 at nodalpoint adapter of the scanner stations for the generations of panorama images

Data processing & modelling

Geo-referencing and registration of scans with Z+F LaserControl (IMAGER 5006i) and RiScanPro (VZ-400) using targets

Generation of panorama images with the Software PTGui

Coloring of the IMAGER pointclouds in Z+F LaserControl using 360° panorama imagery

Modelling of three sections - interior, cloister and exterior using RiScanPro & AutoCAD 2010 with Plugin PointCloud


Visualisation of the exterior, the cloister and the interior using numerous panorama photography

Visualisation of the 3D model with diverse software packages (Cinema 4D, Navisworks, Maya, etc.)

Virtual tour in and around the imperial cathedral (Kaiserdom) in Königslutter

Video about the project imperial cathedral (Kaiserdom) in Königslutter



Braunschweiger Zeitung, 31. Mai 2013.
Dom-Rundgang ist jetzt am Computer möglich.

Braunschweiger Zeitung, 25. Juni 2010.
Kleine Maschine macht den Dom netztauglich.

Helmstedter Blitz, 30. Juni 2010.
Kaiserdom wurde per "Terrestrischem Laserscan" visualisiert - Ein studentisches interaktives 3D-Modell ermöglicht Vermarktung.


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