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Structure and Teaching Content

During the first two semesters architectonic thinking and composition are given priority. The second year includes drafting projects related to practice to combine different disciplines. In the third year individual skills and interests of the students are being promoted by providing a suitable framework.


1st year of study: VIEW - SHAPE - EXPERIMENT
Foundation courses and principles, showing and capturing the possibilities of architecture, open the eyes on basic issues and approaches of the profession 

2nd year of study: RECORD - LINK - APPLY
Principles and complex application orientation from location via concept through to details, taking all disciplines into account

3rd year of study: REFLECT - DRAFT
An arbitrary project related to objects and cityscape including elective subjects and modules in the sixth semester to complete your bachelor thesis while reflecting on theory and practice


The bachelor's programme includes a compulsory 12 week construction site internship.

A written evidence of this internship has to be handed in at the end of the second semester. Otherwise the student risks its de-registration. 

It is recommended to complete your internship before your admission to the bachelor's programme. Studying architecture is like a full-time job, so there is little to no time to intern for 12 weeks during the semester or the semester break.

Further information on the internship can be found at:

Regelungen zu Praktika gemäß Studien- und Prüfungsordnung (PDF)

The bachelor's programme does not currently determine a stay abroad. However, the regulation to facilitate the completion of every module after the first year of study can benefit a stay abroad or swapping universitiy places.

Beyond that each student has the possibility to gain international experience by applying for Erasmus. The International Office is responsible on this matter and can be contacted for support. In this regard HCU today has a wide range of cooperation programmes. 

Cross-disciplinary collaboration on selected drafting projects in particular modules involves all other study programmes like Urban Planning, Civil Engineering, Geomatics, and Metropolitan Culture. 


Teaching Content


Prospective students: Please click here for further information on your application.


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