Publishing student papers

The HafenCity University of Hamburg (HCU) explicitly motivates students to publish their very well graded thesis online. By making publications available free of charge, HCU supports the Open Access concept, which provides free access to scientific information. For this purpose, the library provides a publication server on which students can publish their electronic theses free of charge.

What are the advantages of publishing my papers online?

- Free and simple publication of your thesis

- Visualization of personal performance

- Your thesis will be reused and will not get dusty on the bookshelf

- Improving the chances of applications

- Indexing of the work through library catalogues, search engines and databases

What do I have to do?

- Fill out the form Declaration of consent for adding and safeguarding of electronic thesis to the library and have your examiner sign it. Forward the signed form to the library. Please read the declaration of consent carefully.

> Upload your thesis with the corresponding metadata to the repOS publication server .

> The library checks the metadata for correctness and releases the document on the server after receiving the completed and signed declaration of consent from the supervisor.

Who can access my thesis?

You have the possibility to upload your thesis freely accessible. It is then made accessible via library catalogues, search engines and databases and can be viewed by everyone. You can also decide to allow access only within the campus. Your work will then only be accessible to HCU members.

Can my work be copied or used illegally by others?

The German Copyright Act (UrhG) applies without restriction to electronically published material. In particular applies:
Individual reproductions, e.g. copies and printouts, may only be made for private and other personal use (§ 53 UrhG). The production and distribution of further reproductions is only permitted with the express permission of the author. Every user of the documents is responsible for compliance with the legal provisions and can be held liable in the event of misuse.

We inform about the copyright on our publication server with each document.

Can documents be deleted from the publication server?

Placing a document on the library's publication server is irrevocable and cannot be withdrawn. Documents are only deleted in exceptional cases, for example if the publication violates criminal law.

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