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Geomatics a la Hamburg

Geomatics is concerned with spatially orientated data, simply expressed with the "where" questions in everyday live.

Geomatics is an exciting interdisciplinary field, which covers a broad range from applications in geodetic engineering to land use planning, land management and environmental sciences and uses state-of-the-art technologies to accomplish this.



HCU offers the study of Geomatics in courses which complement each other. The training is practical and poject-oriented.

After a six-semester bachelor's course, the knowledge and ability gained can be built upon in several different specialisations that are as part of the four-semester master's course. This can mean more in-depth study into the technical aspects of geodetic measurement technology, geoinformation technology or hydrography. The specialisation in hydrography features another distinctive feature, unique in Germany: the programme has been internationally certified in the A category (the highest level) of the FIG/IHO/ICA-Standards of Competence of Hydrographic Surveyors.