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Information on the corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) and current information on studying and teaching at the HCU

All answers to the most important questions about the Corona pandemic and the applicable regulations can be found here. The information is updated on an ongoing basis.

The HCU will start the winter semester 2021/2022 with classroom lectures/teaching as far as the pandemic situation allows.

Necessary framework conditions for this were created by the 50th Containment Ordinance of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg dated 25th of August 2021. In the current planning for the winter semester 2021/22, the HCU must be closely oriented to the current legal situation and with a correspondingly adapted framework protection concept, which allows the university to return to presence.

The HCU is planning a primarily present-based winter semester 2021/2022. In particular, the small and medium-sized (teaching) classes will again be held in presence. These mainly include seminars and projects as well as work in laboratories and studios. HCU has decided to initially continue to offer large (more than 100 students) courses digitally. You can find out whether a course is held digitally or in person in the course catalogue.

Here you can find the current framework protection concept of HCU.

In the university building and during presence events in HCU premises, the obligation to wear a medical mask (e.g. OP mask/FFP2 mask) applies.

The access to the main building will again be via both entrances "West" (Henning-Voscherau-Platz) and "East" (underground side of HCU). All persons who study, work or teach in the HCU building and premises must present a 3-G proof at the entrance control upon entry. This is either:

- A negative coronavirus test proof (PCR test valid for max. 48 hours, test from an approved test centre valid for max. 24 hours) or
- a coronavirus vaccination certificate (accepted are vaccines approved in the EU such as BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Pharmaceuticals. If the vaccination was done with another vaccine, a negative coronavirus test must be proven; CoronaWarnApp or CoVPass) or
- a valid proof of recovery.

Verification is done for everyone via a security service at the entrances. Please follow the instructions of the staff. Your data will not be stored. A separate check in the respective lecture rooms, in the library and in the laboratories and studios is not necessary. For all further information, please refer to the framework protection concept.

Infection tracking is still handled with the Luca app. The use of the Luca app is mandatory in the HCU facilities (in the library and in the workshops and laboratories) as well as in the area of the student workplaces. Of course, in addition to the Luca app, it is also possible to leave contact details on paper. The use of the Luca app in the individual courses and in the foyers is foregone, taking into account the stipulations in the hygiene concept (AHA-L).

On November 11, 2021 you can get vaccinated against the Corona virus at HCU free of charge. Vaccines Johnson & Johnson (vector vaccine) and BioNTech (mRNA) will be offered. Vaccination against COVID-19 contributes to both personal protection and pandemic containment. Vaccination not only provides very good individual protection against the disease, but also protects others. No registration is necessary - just show up.

When: November 11, 2021.
Where: HCU, main building, Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1, 1st floor in the area of the student workstations.
Time: 10:30 a.m. to approx. 7 p.m.

Please bring your vaccination certificate (if no vaccination certificate is available, a certificate will be issued).

All decentralized immunization offerings are listed here.

The Federal Ministry of Health has announced that international students who have undergone covid vaccination with vaccines other than those named by the Paul Ehrlich Institute are entitled to free corona tests. This regulation is valid until December 31, 2021. The Standing Commission on Vaccination (STIKO) states that people who have been vaccinated abroad with a COVID-19 vaccine not approved in the EU will need a new series of vaccinations in order to obtain vaccinated status in the EU.

The Infothek and Student Administration can be reached as usual by phone or email:

Reachability of the Infothek

Reachability of the students administration

If you are planning to travel abroad privately, please remember that due to the very dynamic situation, entry into the country may involve further quarantine measures.

If you return from trips to (possibly newly declared) risk areas and are subject to the quarantine rules ordered by the authorities, you are not allowed to enter the HCU buildings after your return.

In order to care for and protect eachother, we kindly ask you to make your travel plans very carefully and to reconsider them if necessary.

Information for HCU staff

The information provided here is primarily aimed at students. Employees of the HCU can find further regulations that are important to them in the internal area of this website.

Important Information

Hotline for suspected cases of coronavirus

Persons who have no symptoms and who have had contact with people who have been confirmed ill should contact the relevant health office or the corona hotline of the health authority on 040 428 284 000.