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In order to facilitate expert and non-expert stakeholder collaboration within complex urban environments, the MIT has developed the CityScope, a computerized simulation system that can predict and quantify the potential impact of disruptive technologies within new and existing cities. As a tangible tool, the CityScope constitutes an interactive augmented-reality decision-support system that allows for the visualization of “what-if-scenarios” in real-time.

The CityScope is a scalable 3D-tabletop model platform that facilitates evidence-based, data-driven processes for urban design and which enables all participants in the process to easily communicate changing or alternative ideas regarding the planned target. While planning with coded, pre-architectural land-use typologies made out of Lego bricks and with the aid of projected base maps of any kind, the users receive real-time feedback through visualizations from the CityScope, displaying the impacts and performance of their plans interconnected in many possible manners.