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Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Erwin van Tuijl


HCU Hamburg 
Urban and Regional Economics

Überseeallee 16
D-20457 Hamburg

5th Floor | Room 5006a
Phone: +49(0)40/42827-4591
Email: erwin.tuijl(at)hcu-hamburg.de

Urban Agriculture: New seeds in the knowledge economy
Euricur Project | 2014-2015
Prof. Dr. Leo van den Berg, Dr. Erwin van Tuijl

Energy transitions in Cities: Lifestyle, experimentation and change
Euricur Project | 2012 – 2014
Prof. Dr. Jan van den Borg, Prof. Dr. Leo van den Berg, Dr. Luis Carvalho, Erwin van Tuijl, Irina Lazzerini, Marzia Germini

Innovative Urban Development Strategies for Sustainable Competitiveness
Euricur Project | 
2012 – 2014 

A world of events: how can cities anchor the advantage?
Euricur Project | 2010 – 2012 

ATTREG - Attractiveness of European Regions and Cities for Residents and Visitors
ESPON project | 2010 – 2012

Climate adaptation and the regional economy
Euricur Project | 2010 – 2011

Developing locations in the knowledge economy
Euricur Project | 2009 – 2011

Sustainable development of cities: The role of leader firms
Euricur Project | 2009 – 2010

The role of design in the urban knowledge economy
Euricur Project | 2007 – 2010

The role of manufacturing in the new urban economy
Euricur Project | 2006 – 2008

Doctoral Thesis

Van Tuijl (2015) Upgrading across organisational and geographical configurations: Analysis of the Chinese automotive industry, Rotterdam: Erasmus Research Institute of Management (ERIM), PhD Serie 349


Articles in peer reviewed journals

Van Tuijl, E., Hospers, G. J., and Van den Berg, L. (2018), Opportunities and challenges of urban agriculture for sustainable city development, European Spatial Research and Policy, 25(2): 5-22

Van Tuijl, E., Carvalho, L., and Dittrich, K. (2018), Beyond the Joint-Venture: Knowledge sourcing in Chinese automotive events, Industry and Innovation, 25(4): 389-407

Van Tuijl, E., K. Dittrich and Van der Borg, J. (2016), Upgrading of symbolic and synthetic knowledge bases: Evidence from the Chinese automotive and construction industries, Industry and Innovation, 23(3): 276 - 293

Van Tuijl, E. and Carvalho, L. (2014) Knowledge sourcing, knowledge bases and the spatial organisation of car design, Environment and Planning A, 46(8): 1966-1982

Van Tuijl (2014) Car makers and upgrading: The case of Renault in Romania, Journal of Business Strategy, 35(2): 13-18

Van Tuijl, E., Carvalho, L.Van Haaren, J. (2013) Developing creative quarters in cities: Policy lessons from “Art and Design City” Arabianranta, Helsinki, Urban Research and Practice, 6(2): 211-218

Van Tuijl, E., Carvalho, L. Van Winden, W., and Jacobs, W. (2012) Multinational knowledge strategies, policy and the upgrading process of regions: Revisiting the automotive industry in Ostrava and Shanghai,European Planning Studies, 20(10): 1627-1646

Van Tuijl, E and Van der Borg, J. (2012) Designing the dragon or does the dragon design? An analysis of the impact of creative industries on urban development of Beijing, International Journal of Chinese Culture and Management, 3(2): 125-138


Books and book chapters

Hospers, G. J. and Van Tuijl, E. (2019), Industry, innovation and regional development, in: Pater, B. and Paul, L. (ed) Europe a new geography, Utrecht: Perspectief Uitgevers: 161-162 <In Dutch>

Van Tuijl, E. and L. van den Berg (2017) Climate adaptation as source for sustainable competitiveness: the Venice experience, in: Orihuela, I. et al. (ed) Urban and metropolitan challenges in Mexico and in the world, Instituto Mora-CONACYT, Mexico

Fransen, J. and Van Tuijl, E. (2016), Kasongan Pottery Cluster (Yogyakarta), In: Carvalho, L., Van den Berg, B., Galal, H. and Teunisse, P. (eds) Delivering Sustainable Competitiveness, Ashgate: Farham

Van Tuijl, E. and Otgaar, A. (2016), RDM Campus (Rotterdam), In: Carvalho, L., Van den Berg, B., Galal, H. and Teunisse, P. (eds) Delivering Sustainable Competitiveness, Ashgate: Farham

Van den Berg, L. and Van Tuijl E. (2016) Events as tools for social development: the case of the World Port Days Rotterdam, In Nel·lo, O. and Mele, R. (eds), Academic Visions for Sustainable Urban Development, Earthscan, Routledge: Abingdon

Van Tuijl, E. (2015) The automotive industry as growth engine of the Moravian-Silesian Region, In: Pater, B. and Paul, L. (eds) Europe: a new Geography, Utrecht: Perspectief Uitgevers, pp. 161-162 <In Dutch>

Van den Berg, L., Jacobs, W., Nijdam, M. and Van Tuijl, E. (2015) Sustainable development of cities: the role of leader firms, In: Kresl, P. K. (ed.) Cities and partnerships for sustainable urban development, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing

Van Tuijl (2013) Car makers and regional upgrading in Central and Eastern Europe: a comparison of Renault and Hyundai-Kia, in: Van Dijk, M.P., Van der Meer, J. and Van der Borg, J. (eds), From urban systems to sustainable competitive metropolitan regions: Essays in honour of Leo van den Berg, Enschede: Ipskamp Drukkers, pp. 116-131

Van Winden, W., Carvalho, L., Van Tuijl, E., Van Haaren, J., and Van den Berg, L. (2012) Creating knowledge locations in cities, Abingdon: Routledge

Van Winden, W., Van den Berg, L., Carvalho, L., and Van Tuijl, E. (2010) Manufacturing in the New Urban Economy, Abingdon: Routledge

Hospers, GJ, Van Tuijl, E, & Benneworth, P. (2012) Innovation by imitation? Benchmarking success stories of regional innovation, in: Bas, T.G. & Zhao, J. (eds), Comparing high technology firms in developed and developing countries: cluster growth initiatives, Hershey: Information Science Reference


Articles in professional magazines

Van Tuijl, E. (2015) Exploring cities through annual local festivals, Town and Country Planning, 84(2): 84-88

Van Tuijl, E. (2014) Partying in Cluj-Napoca: Development of a festival city, Igloo, February 2014 <In Romanian>

Carvalho, L., Van der Borg, J. and E. van Tuijl (2014) Rio de Janeiro: The social dimension of energy, Oxygen, 23:78-80

Van Haaren, J., Van Tuijl, E. and Carvalho, L. (2012) Creative Districts: Panacea or placebo? Lessons from Arabianranta in Helsinki, Finland, Real Estate Magazine, July 2012, <In Dutch>

since 2018| Postdoctoral Researcher in Urban and Regional Economics | HafenCity University

since 2016 | Visiting Researcher at KU Leuven, Division of Geography and Tourism

2015–2017 | Project manager Greentech.Ruhr at Wirtschaftsförderung metropoleruhr’

2006–2015 | Researcher and lecturer at Regional, Port and Transport Economics (RHV) & European Institute for Comparative Urban Research (Euricur), Erasmus University Rotterdam