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Prof. Dr. rer.pol. Kosta Mathey

Urban Challenges

Ressourceneffizienz in Architektur und Planung (REAP)

International Urban Development


As an academic he attended a postgraduate housing course at the Architectural Association in London before working as architect in a London Housing Association and starting teaching as a an assistant lecturer at TU Darmstadt in 1980 when he also founded the TRIALOG, the journal for Planning and Building in the Third World. Prof. Dr. Kosta Mathéy lived and worked in London for five years and in Cairo over a period of 8 months in 2000 while preparing a feasibility study for the participatory urban upgrading project in Telal Zeinhoum, next to Fatimid Cairo, on behalf of the KfW. Since 1993, he is Adjoint Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Instituto Superior José Antonio Echeverría (ISPJAE) in Havana, Cuba. In the 1990, he was professor for Regional Planning at TU Karlsruhe for two years and became Adjunct professor at the ISPJAE (TU) in Havana, Cuba. 2002 until 2011 he hold the Chair for Planning and Building in Developing Regions (PAR) at TU Darmstadt, where he created and directed the International postgraduate Masters Course ‘International Cooperation and Urban Development’ which later on was  the EC ‘Erasmus Mundus Program’ for its Excellency. 2009 he founded and directed the two first editions of the Urban Development Planning Course at the Vietnamese German University in Vietnam which doubled its number of students within a year and thus became the most successful Masters course in this young university.

Prof. Mathéy has worked in more than 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America and has extensively published on urban issues in journals, edited books and monographies. (Course: International Development: Institutions and Policies)


For consultations contact e-mail ( kosta.mathey(at)hcu-hamburg.de )



  • Climate change and urban development
  • Urban violence prevention
  • Neighbourhood improvement through community initiatives


HafenCity Universität Hamburg
Henning-Voscherau-Platz 1
20457 Hamburg

Global Urban Studies
at International Academy
10967 Berlin
Tel.: 030 95609575