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De-registration from the Student Register


The de-registration is the  delation from the list of students  after leaving the university.


De-registrated students are not members of the university.

With de-registration ends the right to use the institutions and systems of the univeristy and as well all accesses to ahoi- and HCU-Mail account.

An extension of the user identifications is not possible!

The de-registration is distinguished in

de-registration ex officio,
that is, there are one or more reasons which require the de-registration,


de-registration on application,
that is, the student wants to leave the university on his own.


The legal rules on de-registration are based on the Hamburg Higher Education Act and the regulations of the HCU.

The de-registration ex officio will take place as soon there are one or more reasons which require the de-registration.


The reasons inter alia: 


Students have the right to decide independently whether they want to cancel their studies at the HCU.

This form of de-registration requires an application.

The application form is available for every student in their ahoi account (Studying> Studying Administration> Applications).

Reasons for de-registration can be:

1. Change of university,
2. final drop-out,
3. Temporary study abroad,
4. Care for minor children,
5. convocation for military or civilian service,
6. Pregnancy or maternity leave,
7. Care for a close family member dependent on the family; and
8. other reasons.

Some of these reasons allow students to enroll at a later date without having to register again.

This corresponds to an interruption of study (suspend) with important reason.

Please read the information on the topic "Re-enrollment after suspend the studies".





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