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Application for a master degree programme with a non-German first academic degree

You want to apply for a master degree programme at the HafenCity University Hamburg and you aquired your first academic degree not in Germany?

If so, than we will explain here step by step how to apply at the HafenCity University.



Before you start with the application, please inform yourself carefully about the master degree programme you want to study. More information you will find here.

You will find under the menue item "application dates"information about the application period and deadline.


Please inform yourself about the application requirements for the master's degree programme of your choice and find out which documents you need for both the application and admission procedures.

More information you will find in the specific admission regulation (BZO) and the checklist of your desired master degree programme.


You have informed yourself in detail about your desired master's degree programme than you have to reviewed your higher education entrance qualification by uni-assist. You will find here more information about the application via uni-assist.


All applicants with a Non-German first academic degree have to prove sufficient German language skills in the course of the application process. Please make sure that you prepare in good time for requisite German language exams.

Please submit the proof of German language skills with your application within the application procedure. If you are able to prove that you are currently attending an appropriate language course or that the exam has already been taken and the results are still pending within the application periode then the proof of German language skills can be subsequently submitted to the enrollment (first part of August).

If you apply for the English Master REAP or for the Master Geodesy and Geoinformatics with the specialisation Hydrography, than the proof of sufficient German language skills is not necessary.

If you want to apply for one of the following master's degree programme, you have to submit sufficient English language skills:

  • Master degree programme Geodesy and Geoinformatics (specialisation Hydrography)
  • Master degree programme REAP (Resource Efficiency in Architecture and Planning)

You will find in the specific admission requirements (BZO) of your desired master's degree programme if your proof of English language skills come up to the requirements of the HCU.

More information you will find here.

Please create your application account via the ahoi application portal of the Hafen City Univeristy within the application period. Afterwards enter your data and submit the application electronically. After that please print your online application.


After you have send your online application electronically, please submit the following documents to HafenCity University Hamburg until the application deadline:

  • signed copy of your online application
  • a simple copy of the translation of your first academic degree with an average-grade and an ECTS-grading (relative mark) (If you are still completing your first academic degree and you are unable to submit a certificate or diploma, please submit a simple copy of your transcript of records with a current average grade and an ECTS-grading or an ECTS-grading table (130 Credit Points and at least 75 Credit points have to be graded) (Note: a ECTS-grade (relative mark) or ECTS-grading table is not necessary for Master REAP)
  • if your university can't provide an ECTS-grading or ECTS-grading table please submit an equivalent certificate of the issued university (If you acquired your first academic degree in a Non-EU Country you can replace the certificate with a declaration on oath) (Note: a declaration on oath is not necessary for Master REAP)
  • a simple copy of your German language certificate, if not available a registration to a language course or language test
  • a simple copy of your Englisch language certficate (if admission requirement), if not available a regeistration to a language course or language test
  • other documents: You will need for specific degree programmes a proof of relevant professional experience or degree programme relevante work experiences. For some Master degree programmes you have to submit a curriculum vitae, a letter of motivation, a letter of recommendation and so on. Which other documents you must submit you can find in the Checklist of the degree programmes.


contact address:

HafenCity Universität

Student Service Center | Examination Office

Überseeallee 16

20457 Hamburg




You will inform by email about the result of your application. Your admission or rejection letter will be available in your ahoi-account under the menu item "Documents".


In the case of an admission you will find the enrollment application and the notification of semester tuition in your ahoi account under the menue item "documents". You will find the deadline to accept the study place on your admission letter. More information about the admission and enrollment you will find here.


Please make sure that your access data are available.



Please save the admission or rejection letter on your private computer. Your application account will be deleted after the ending of the application procedure. The admission letter wouldn't be available any longer and can't be recreated. In some cases the admission letter will be required from different authorities (for example: family benefits department).