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International applicants

You want to apply for a study place at the HafenCity University Hamburg and you acquired your higher education entrance qualification (only for an application for a bachelor degree programme) or your first academic degree (only for an application for a master degree programme) not in Germany?

If you belong to this applicant group you have to apply extra via uni-assist. The application via uni-assist is compulsory. Otherwise you can't take part at the selection process of the HafenCity University Hamburg.

On the following websites you will find a step by step guidance for a successful application for a bachelor degree respectively a master degree at the HafenCity University Hamburg.


If you belong to the following applicant group, than you have to apply only online via the ahoi application portal of the HafenCity University. An application via uni-assist is not necessary.

  • applicants who acquired their German higher education entrance qualification at a German school abroad
  • applicants who have acquired their higher education entrance qualification in Germany
  • people with a converted grade for their higher education entry qualification authorized by a German governmental office
  • applicants who have already acquired a first academic degree at a German university