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Admission requirements

Application requirements depend upon the master's degree programme to which you want to apply. A first academic degree is required, however, for all master's degree programmes.



1. Proving first academic degree

If you are in the final phase of your first academic degree, you have to submit the most recent copy of your transcript of records, including your grade-point average within the application periode. HCU-intern applicants can print the proof of academic achievement of their ahoi-account. The required Credit Points you can find in the specific regulations of your desired master's degree programme.

Please note that all examination achievements including the bachelor thesis have to be successful completed until the end of the first master semester.

The proof of your first academic degree have to submit until the 15th of the second month of the second master semester. If you haven't acquired your first academic degree in time you will be exmatriculated. If you are a HCU-intern student you will be downgraded in your bachelor degree programme.



2. Language skills

Applicants who aquired their fisrt academic degree abroad, have to prove sufficient German language skills.

The page German language skills contains information about which German language certificates are accepted.

The master degree programmes Geodesy and Geoinformatics (only specialisation Hydrography) and REAP conducted entirely in English so you don't require proof of German language skills, although you do need to submit proof of English language skills.

The page English language skills contains information about which English language certificates are accepted for your desired master programme.



3. Further requirements for the Master degree programmes

Additionally, several master degree programmes require further supporting documents. You can find specific details about "your" master degree programme in the checklist as well as in the specific regulations of your desired master degree programme.