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Dialogorientierte Serviceverfahren (DoSV)

The HCU will take part at the "DoSV" with the Bachelor degree programmes Architecture, Civil Engineering, Metropolitan Cultre and Urban Planning. The information which follows applies only to those degree programmes at the HafenCity University. 

If you want to know which universities are participating in the DoSV programme, please visit the hochschulstart.de website.

The application process itself has not changed at the HafenCity University. The only difference is that an extra step in the process has been added for applicants. Applicants need to register at hochschulstart.de first before applying at the HCU.

Applicants with a non-German school certifcate need to register at hochschulstart.de first. The ID numbers from hochschulstart.de will be used to register with uni-assist, who will validate your entrance certificates. Finally, you will be able to apply for the HCU, once again using your ID numbers from both hochschulstart.de and uni-assist.

When registering on the hochschulstart.de website, it is very important that you indicate you want to receive your notifications electronically.

Once you've applied to several universities via hochschulstart.de, you will be able to track the status of all your applications in one place. You will be able to see which university have accepted your application, which university have rejected your application and which university are still pending a decision. You will only be allowed to select one offer. Once you've accepted an offer, all other outstanding offers from other universities will be closed and those spots immediately offered to other applicants. This avoids the situation where the semester begins and the university still has places available causing some students to start much later.


Your first step in applying for the HafenCity University is to register for an account on hochschulstart.de. You will need to enter your personal data, such as your name, date of birth, place of birth, and nationality along with your contact data, such as your mailing address and telephone number(s). You will be able to select your own username and password. Once your registration has been confirmed and you have activated your account, you will receive a unique Applicant ID and eventually an Applicant Authorization Number (BAN). You will need both your Applicant ID and your BAN in order to apply for undergraduate courses at the HCU.

Applying to the HafenCity University

Once you've successfully established an account with hochschulstart.de, you can apply for admission to the university for the winter semester. The application procedure takes place within the ahoi system (www.ahoi.hcu-hamburg.de), HCU's applicant portal.

To begin the application process, select "Application" from the menu list. After you choose the desired degree programme you must indicate the Applicant ID and your BAN to transfer your data from hochschulstart.de. After that you can fill the online application.  Please be aware: Your online application cannot be tracked electronically in the hochschulstart.de system if you have not entered your Applicant ID and BAN. 

If you choose not to submit your application electronically, you will not be able to participate in the centralized selection process on hochschulstart.de!

You can apply to a maximum of twelve participating universities simultaneously. Applications to participating DoSV universities can be submitted via hochschulstart.de anytime before 18th August and will be prioritized in the chronological order to which you applied to them. However, if a university you applied to later is a university you prefer over the rest of your other applications, you can log into hochschulstart.de and you can override the chronological order by setting your own priorities.

NOTE: The universities will never receive information about your priorities. Therefore, the priorities you set have no effect on your chances for being accepted.

The HCU, in parallel with all other participating universities, processes all the applications it has received, creates a ranking list and sends these results to hochschulstart.de.

You will be able to check your application status, view admission offers and accept offers, all via hochschulstart.deDuring the coordination phase, you will already begin to receive offers for admission. Therefore, it's a good idea to regularly log into your account on hochschulstart.de and check for your offers early.

You can accept the first offer you receive or you can wait for an offer from the university which you have placed higher on your list of priorities. Please note: you can only accept one admission offer.

Once you've accepted an offer from a university, all of your other remaining applications will be withdrawn from the system, thereby freeing up places for other applicants who did not get accepted in the first round.


If you have already received admission offers, you need to decide whether you would like to accept the highest ranked offer (for example an offer ranked #3 or another ranked #7), or whether you would like to wait for a higher ranked admission offer (e.g. your first choice).

Within these 3 days, you have the chance to either go ahead and accept one of your offers or rearrange your priority list.

If you choose not to accept an offer yet, please log into hochschulstart.de and decide which priority each application should receive in their own rankings list. Please remember: you can only accept one admission offer and should you receive multiple offers, only the highest ranked offer will be accepted. Something else to take into consideration is that all applications below your highest ranked offer will be deleted. For example, if you applied to 12 universities and did not get accepted by your first or second choice, but did get accepted by the university which you prioritized in third place, all applications and offers in 4th thru 12th place will be automatically deleted from the system and those places will be freed up for other applicants.

If you did not accept an offer during the decision phase, your application will move into coordination phase 2. This phase consists of 3 three-day windows.

1. Admissions Window: 19th August  - 20th August

2. Admissions Window: 21st August -  22nd August

3. Admissions Window: 23rd August - 24th August

If at any time during this phase, you receive an offer from your first choice university, the offer will be automatically accepted and the offers from the other schools will be cancelled.

During this phase you will receive at most one admission offer. As soon as you receive a higher ranked admission offer, the offer which was ranked lower will be removed from the system.

At this point, you can do one of two things:

 a) Accept the offer and receive your acceptance letter.

 b) Continue waiting. You reserve your next best option while hoping to receive an offer from an even higher ranked university.

At the end of this phase, the system will automatically accept your highest ranked offer.

If at the end of this phase you haven't received a single offer from any of the universities to which you applied, you will receive a rejection letter from each university to whom you submitted an application.

Further information can be found at hochschulstart.de/dosv.

If you accepted an offer from the HafenCity University via the hochschulstart.de website, you will be able to log into your ahoi Account to download your official acceptance letter, your matriculation papers and the invoice for tuition.

Please print, fill out and sign these documents and send them together with the certificates listed in the matriculation papers within the timeframe listed in the acceptance letter to:

HafenCity Universität Hamburg


       Überseeallee 16

20457 Hamburg

If you do not submit the requested papers by the required deadline, your registration will be considered invalid!

As soon as we receive your signed or notarized documents and your payment of tuition, you will be officially enrolled at the HCU and we will explain how to sign up for classes.

If you receive an offer but cannot accept it yet because, for example, you have to serve one year in the military or volunteer in the civil services, you can have your place at the university set aside for you until a later date. Your current spot will be given to another applicant.

In order to be approved for on-hold placement, you must apply at Hochschulstart.de. The decision will send by Hochschulstart.

Please note the following instructions for when you return:

• We can only hold your place for a maximum of two semesters after the end of your service.

• You will be required to fill out a new application form and this form must be handed in before the deadline. 

• You will need to provide a certificate or proof of service.

• If you have your placement at the university put on hold so that you can perform a military or civil service but then do not enter said military or civil service, your on-hold placement at the university will be null and void.

If you did not receive a single admissions offer, you will be receive a rejection letter for each school applied to via hochschulstart.de. The rejection notices will begin to appear at the end of Coordination Phase 2 and will be available to you via your account on hochschulstart.de. 

The HafenCity University Hamburg does not provide information about why a student was not accepted for admission. Please do not submit questions about your rejection letter to the HCU.