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Degree Certificates

If all course work and examination performances required for your degree have been successfully finished and all exam results were entered into the ahoi system, you can request your degree certificates.

They include the examination certificate, degree certificate, diploma supplement, and the final academic transcript (Transcript of Records). These documents will be issued in German and in an English translation.

Usually, degree certificates will be issued within four weeks

Students are obliged to return borrowed departmental and faculty property of the HafenCity Universität (including research material and equipment, supplies, tools, etc.) prior to the issue of degree certificates. In order to confirm the return of all items, please fill in the HCU Property Return Form and collect all required signatures from the relevant facilities. Furthermore, please make sure that all claims for fee payments like library fees have been fully paid.

Degree Certificate Request Form

The date of the final examination is the day on which you fully completed your last exam performance, regardless of the date of its evaluation. Should your last exam performance be a recognition of a previous exam achievement, the date of the final examination will be the day of the recognition’s approval.

Please indicate on your degree certificate request form how you would like to receive your degree certificates. They can be sent by registered mail to your designated address or you can collect them in person at the HCU Infothek.

Should you need to prove your degree before the receipt of your degree certificates, you can be provided with a degree confirmation letter about the completion of your studies by requesting it via email at the Student Service Center.


The Student Service Center at the HafenCity Universität (HCU) Hamburg is only allowed to produce certified copies of documents which were issued by the HCU examination office itself. These documents include examination certificates, degree certificates and diploma supplements for a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.

Issuing certified copies is subject to charges:

Degree Certificate (one page) 10,90 EUR
Examination Certificate (three pages) 20,70 EUR
Examination Certificate (four pages) 25,60 EUR
Diploma Supplement (nine pages) 50,10 EUR

Certified copies of a Transcript of Records will not be produced. However, further copies can be requested at the Student Service Center for an administration fee of 15.00 EUR per copy.

If you would like to receive certified copies of your degree certificates, please send a written request by letter or email to the Student Service Center. After you have specified exactly for which documents you want to request a certified copy, a notification of fees will be sent to you by letter. As soon as the HCU received the respective payment of the fees, the certified copies will be issued.

Reissuing degree certificates is subject to charges:

Degree Certificate 55,00 EUR
Examination Certificate 55,00 EUR
Diploma Supplement 55,00 EUR

Before the certificates can be reissued, you are obliged to assure the definite loss of the original documents via a signed affidavit. In case of the reappearance of the original documents at a later date, they need to be returned to the Student Service Center at the HCU Hamburg.

If you would like to receive a reissue, please send a written request by letter or email to the Student Service Center and state your current address. Afterwards, the notification of fees and the affidavit form will be sent to you by letter.