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Knowledge generation and integration into adaptation processes to climate change impacts

Climate change poses major challenges for science and practice, especially due to uncertainty, complexity and nescience, inherent in climate scenarios and in possible future developments of society. For the formulation of adaptation strategies under uncertainty, knowledge about natural and societal processes is important, as well as the organization of knowledge exchange and social learning processes to integrate relevant knowledge. The project explores transdisciplinary knowledge generation, mechanism of knowledge exchange and integration of different forms of knowledge such as scientific, local and practical knowledge and investigates, if and how this leads to social learning. Empirical basis is the scenario-planning-process in the urban region of Rostock in combination with focus groups and complementary studies in Stockholm. Results are recommendations for the handling and management of knowledge and for facilitating social learning. Moreover, concepts will be developed for the institutionalization of knowledge exchange and for the use of synergies to make relevant knowledge available.


Bart Jan Davidse, MSc. Spatial Planning, bartjan.davidse[at]hcu-hamburg.de