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Requirements on instruments and methods of an adaptive urban and regional development

Climate change poses new challenges to urban and regional development, and consequently places new demands on planning instruments and methods used to implement measures and concepts to adapt to climate change impacts. Uncertainty within climate scenarios and the long-time horizon of the scenarios are considered as the essential challenges. This research responds to these challenges within an urban and regional context by analyzing the existing planning instruments and methods. The aim is to determine if such planning instruments are capable of supporting adaptation in urban regions to climate change. The research further examines the possibilities to modify the existing instruments and methods and, if necessary, the need for new instruments.


Meike Othengrafen (née Albers), Spatial Planning, meike.othengrafen[at]hcu-hamburg.de

Substitute: Simone Beichler, Environmental Management, simone.beichler[at]hcu-hamburg.de