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Land-use and specific vulnerabilities

Which specific ecological and social climate change impacts can be expected in coastal urban regions? Are certain land uses, ecosystems or societal groups especially affected? The various interactions between society, environment and local climate are described based on the ecosystem service concept. Methods are needed to assess these services and how they influence human well-being. Moreover, it is important to identify services that play an essential role with regard to climate change (e.g. water absorption capacity). To meet this research needs, current land uses, ecosystems, as well as differences in the population (e.g. age) are examined, taking into account regional characteristics and stakeholder requirements. The focus lies on the spatial vulnerability analysis (social-ecological vulnerability) regarding potential impacts of climate change, as a basis for the development of adequate adaptation strategies. In a final step future perspectives show that climate change adaptation opens the opportunity to build up more sustainable landscapes, by taking the functioning of nature into account.


Simone Beichler, Environmental Management, simone.beichler[at]hcu-hamburg.de